How to have Abundance

How to Have

Lillian DeWaters

Author of; “How to Have Dominion,”
“The Finished Kingdom”
Copyright 1922, by Lillian DeWaters, All rights, including translation reserved.

The only satisfying search for all people is to find God,-understanding, for as understanding unfolds in the mind (the invisible), all good things (the visible) will be manifested as result.
There are certain laws that govern music, certain laws that govern mathematics, still other laws that govern art. So, also there are certain laws which govern health, happiness and prosperity. These laws are mental laws and pertain to the thinking and feeling of the individual.
The very first step for one to take, who is bound by sickness, sin, or poverty, is to know that he is bound by fear and ignorant beliefs. Nature, God, is not responsible for your sickness or poverty and there is a way for you to put off these erring beliefs and their manifestations and reveal the real nature and character of your being.
The first step to take in order to fulfill your desire is to seek a simple, intelligent and satisfying understanding of Life.
The desire for health, happiness and prosperity, you must build upon goodness; that is, you must not expect to hold to sinful thoughts and habits with one hand, while you grasp God, understanding, with the other.
“Seek ye first the Kingdom,” the realm of Mind─right thought, and herein you will solve your problems, and as a result health, wealth, and happiness will follow.
“Ye shall find me when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”
The desire for good, that is, the desire to be good, must be uppermost in consciousness. Selfish aims, erring thoughts and expressions, must be put aside, and the heart (feeling) must palpitate for good alone.
Each individual has the nature and character of God, is a God─being, and has the power to create and bring forth all good. Many would like the “added” things without having or using the thoughts and feelings that cause or create these “things.”
You cannot and should not expect to be well if you are constantly thinking sick or sinful thoughts, neither can you achieve success and prosperity if you are thinking thoughts of poverty, stinginess or inactivity. There are many who strive religiously to avoid expressing the word money in their conversation. They will speak of “supply” and “abundance,” and although what they really need is money, they nevertheless hold to the mistaken mental position that money is material and they believe it wrong to desire money, yet never refuse it when offered them.
This is unreasonable. The right way to think about money is that money is good and right to have and that it is not material but entirely mental as is all else.
If you need money, think money. When you think poverty thoughts you are thinking “no money.”
Money of itself is good; it is the erring sense about money that is at fault. Pure water is good and right to drink, halt it would work ill to the individual who drank too much of it at one time.
To have money in abundance and to spend it freely, yet wisely is not a wrong. By this I do not mean that it is right to want money for the mere sake of accumulating wealth.
One must have the right desire back of the thought of money if he desires to make a success of his life. To use the Mind for any other purpose than the working out of goodness, honesty and service, is to defraud oneself of the true nature of universal good.
Let us learn of the law of prosperity, and be obedient to this law.
It requires us to be good, to be trustful, to be active, to be courageous, to be patient.
Faith is a mental quality to be acquired and cultivated. Without a live faith, which is the feeling of conviction, confidence and courage, creation cannot take place. We must have faith in Science, God, the same as we have faith in mathematics. Faith looks into the Kingdom, the invisible world, and there beholds Reality.
Faith believes in the invisible perfection rather than outward appearances. There is no way to prove your faith other than by acting upon it. When we say to the mountain (discord) “be thou removed,” do we then act as though it were out of our way? Faith is bold and fearless. It is divided faith that fails. I might tell here of how simple faith in the Right and Good and absolute single-mindedness won for me a success which otherwise would never have come into my experience.
It was some years ago while I was a public school teacher that, finishing my term in a suburb, I applied in person for a position in a large city. The Superintendent of the City Schools met me kindly, listened to my oral application, and then said; “We could not possibly give you a position to teach in our city. Firstly, we accept only College Graduates. This is absolute. Your certificate is Normal, and you would receive no consideration whatsoever. Secondly, every room in every school in this city has a teacher engaged for the coming term.”
I listened in silence, thanked him for his time, left my name and address upon his desk, and walked out of his office.
The first thought that came to me was exhilarating. It was this: “There is no reason for you to feel disappointed. His decision is not final. He does not give you your place nor position in this world. God gives you your place.”
I did not understand then that my own right Mind was God, but my faith in Right and Might was omnipotent and I saw nothing at all in the way or in the path that I desired.
It was the end of June that I made this application and not a word did I hear in furtherance during July and August of the vacation period. However, a doubt never entered my mind but what I would be given the position that I asked. Never once did my mind waver, worry nor fear.
I knew it would come and simply I rested upon this fact. I felt it would come because it would be right. My parents were then living in that city and I wished with all my heart to live with them, for we had been separated for several years. The feeling that there was a place here for me because it would be good for us all was what gave me the supreme confidence and mental conviction of success. The first week of September was nearly passed, and but two days were left before the opening of the school term, still I can truly say that never a doubt nor anxiety entered my mind. I was calm, poised, at perfect rest in the feeling that I would have that place that I desired. That day a telegram was sent to me, by the very Superintendent whom I had interviewed, and the message told me that I had been appointed a position as teacher in his schools and he would expect me on the opening day.
I can distinctly recall how I stood reading that telegram without a quiver of surprise, only gladness and joy.
I soon discovered that the school in which I was placed was in the best residential section, the most desirable school in the whole city, the teacher appointed for that room being unable to accept the position.
I obeyed the law of single-mindedness. I had supreme faith and loving feeling, and, of course, this fixed right sense and feeling manifested itself in the thing that I desired.
The law of Mind says that with God nothing is impossible. Think of it. That is, everything right that it is possible for you to think and feel you can do or have, You CAN DO AND CAN
Do not see God afar off or without you, sometimes giving and sometimes not giving. Make Nature, God, Life, Mind, (or whatever name you choose to use) as near and as certain to you as the law of mathematics. You never doubt in your heart but what if you make right use of the rules in mathematics you will obtain the correct answer. Look at the demonstrations of Jesus. For him to speak or command, was for him to expect a certain result. Thus, if it is a home you wish, or a position, or money, or love, expect to have it and expect it “with all your heart,” and, “never doubting.”
You know that the rules in mathematics are already established, certain, fixed, inevitable, so you do not worry about this end of it; you merely endeavor to gain an understanding of these rules and their application, and, as certain as night follows day, you will obtain the correct results if you correctly apply the rules.
So also there are rules and laws governing health, happiness, prosperity, and if we learn what these laws are, and apply them correctly, we must obtain the correct results.
Be good. Live the good thoughts that you think. Learn what right thoughts to think for the particular problem at hand. If you wish prosperity, then consciously and actually think thoughts of plenty, abundance, freedom. Know that Mind has infinite and supreme power to externalize for you that which you desire. If you are filling a certain position and wish a more lucrative one, yet believe in your heart that you really are not worth more than you are at present receiving, do not grumble nor wonder if you remain where you are. No one will value you in excess of what you value yourself. Those who place high value upon their services are they who believe in their own worth and who see no obstacles in the way of obtaining their right desires.
Suppose the universal belief is poor times, etc., do not let this wrong belief about Life enter your consciousness as true. You must see infinite abundance, the spiritual laws of Life as fixed, changeless and as governing you and your experiences in spite of “times,” “friends,” `business operations,” etc. “A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand but it shall NOT come nigh THEE.” Who? You who know and obey the true law of the Universe.
The power that gives you your health and happiness is also the source of your so─called material supply. Since God is one and God is all and God is Mind, this is therefore a mental universe and all therein is the result of Mind or thought from the head of a pin to a palace and from a penny to a gold mine. Everything that you see, hear, or understand through your senses is mental or is the result of thought and feeling.
At one time I wanted a new home. My desire was to sell the house in which I lived and buy something larger and better. The first step that I took in this problem was to go out and find the house of my desire.
I pictured in my mind what kind of a house I desired, and just what street I wished to live upon, and then I acted. I went right out, motored down the avenue of my desire and found the house. The moment my eyes rested upon it there was nothing else for to see.
I knew that it was the house of my desire. Size, style, location, environment, everything accorded with my thought.
I stepped from my car, walked up the steps and rang the bell. I asked my question and this was the answer ─”This house is not for sale at any price.”
I continued my search through the city for several days, but found nothing at all that appealed to my thought, and so gave up the search and settled down to find out what kept this house of my desire from me. I inquired from real estate men and they advised me that the owner of the house built it himself and for himself, and that many besides myself had wished to purchase it, but it was useless, etc., etc.
But I was not daunted, for I knew the spiritual law and that if it were right for me to have this house, that Mind, God would make a way for me to possess it without injury to the present owner or anyone else.
This was my mental foundation and the rock upon which I worked (thought). I again called upon the owner and asked him if he would allow me to see the rooms as it might be that they would not suit me and then I would no longer trouble him. This time he willingly took me through the house, and I found everything to my delighted satisfaction. We sat and chatted a while and all the time that the owner was affirming that he would never sell the house to anyone, my mind was searching for something. What was it that was holding this house from me? I had a distinct sense that something would be unfolded. And it was. Presently he said to me,─”Where do you expect my daughter and myself to live if I sold you this house? We cannot go into the street, and we will never live on any avenue but this one, and in no other house but a house that I myself built.”
I smiled to myself, knowing that the way was then open and free. Before I left he confided to me that really his daughter wished for a smaller home, but knew not how to acquire it. He would be glad to buy the vacant lot next door, and would build a house of their present desire if I would wait. So we were all happy and satisfied, and at the end of five months’ patient waiting, I sold the house that I then owned and took possession of the new house of my desire.
This taught me the lesson to give. We must not alone want to take, to have our desires granted or fulfilled, but we must always be considerate of the feelings of those with whom we are in business relation and be willing to give as well as to take.
Success and prosperity come then not from outside sources as Cause but from within you. You are the Cause primarily of your success or of your failure. Nature unfolds from within out. Be positive and firm in your convictions and feelings and above all be certain that your desires are right desires, and injure no one and nothing, and then nothing can stop your success or advancement. It is our nature to be able to have everything good. You should praise God, so praise the good in yourself, and let your thoughts and feeling be rich in quality. It is not merely the quantity of your thinking and feeling, but both quantity and quality of your thinking and feeling that count.
Called suddenly to give my help upon a problem that must be met at once, if at all, I have many times succeeded in bringing about the desired change in a few moments of time, whereas, days and weeks may have elapsed in other cases not so urgent before such changes have taken place, therefore be sure that you put the necessary quality in your mental work. The quality of a thought is that substance of which the thought consists. To have the right quality, a thought must have richness of feeling, confidence, power, courage, conviction, faith. To think thoughts of good with power, strength, life, activity, understanding back of them, will result in greater externalization of good than to think the very same thoughts all day long, yet think them in a doubting half-hearted, wondering mental attitude.
Take right thought into all of your affairs. You can start with one right thought and let it expand in consciousness until more right thoughts are formed and more understanding, which is true substance, takes possession of your consciousness. You cannot demonstrate things until you demonstrate thoughts, for thoughts precede things. The financier has faith and courage in himself, in his own ideas, and he believes his own ideas are money─making, money─producing. He is using the mental law of prosperity, although he may be ignorant of this fact. Ignorance of the mental law in no way interferes with the fulfillment of that law.
If obstacles seem in your way, endeavor to think of them as gone, or as not present, for infinite perfection holds no obstacle in its way. If you have faith and confidence in the power of right thinking, which is divine Mind in operation, there will be the right adjustment in your affairs. If we had no temptations and no trials, we would not prove our strength and power.
Know that the good that is yours cannot be withheld from you and it is wrong for you to suffer because of the sins of others. Think of all good as flowing unto you as the mighty river pours ceaselessly its stream of living waters.
In many cases it seems as though the life experiences of those near and dear to us cross our path, retard our progress and cause us suffering. We are each individual and we each therefore have individual life problems and we each have a work to do for ourself that no other one can do for us.
To attempt therefore to carry the burdens of others or to grieve because of the seeming failures of others is wrong.
Preserve your self respect or your respect for your own mind, which is as great in quality as is the quality in the mentality of any other individual.
Do not become a mental door mat nor allow others to make you a rendezvous for their tales of self pity and discord. Do not be continually sorry for people,─sorry for the laundress, who tells you about her five children that she has left alone at home; sorry for the neighbor who lost his position, seemingly through no fault of his own; sorry for the friend or relative, who simply will not listen to your heedings and pleadings, has no use for Truth, but continues in his erring thoughts and habits. It is hard not to feel sorry for people when we see them steeped in sickness and poverty, which we can plainly see is the result of their false education and living.
Talking along these lines with a friend metaphysician one day, he told me the following story (which is a true story). This was helpful to me at the time and will no doubt prove helpful to others: “We camped one night, in the Ozark Hills, in Missouri. Some 20 or 30 outfits camped the same night at the same place. In the morning we started about sunrise in a long procession. We drove about a mile when the procession came to a standstill. We all got out and surrounded the saddest sight I had ever seen. A horse was lying dead while hitched to the wagon and his mate was standing by his side. A woman and two children were weeping while the husband was sitting on the wagon with his face in his hands. They were on their way to Kansas, but the dead horse put an end to their journey as they had no money to buy another horse. More than 50 people gathered around them. Some wept, and some said, `We pity you’; but with all the tears, and all the pity, the dead horse never moved a muscle, and the man did not lift his head, and the children did not stop crying. After a few minutes of sobbing and groaning by the crowd, a young fellow in the back-ground pressed his way to the front, and, reaching over the heads of some of the mourners, said: Here, old man, I pity you just $10.00 worth,’ and handed him a ten dollar bill.
The act was contagious. The crowd began to shed dollars instead of tears. A man in the crowd had an extra horse and in less time than it takes me to tell it, the horse was bought, hitched to the wagon, and the thankful family made a new start for Kansas. How many groans and tears would have been required to start that poor family on their way? The people that wept and groaned were willing to help but they did not think the right way.”
Those of us who learn how to help should not weep because others weep, nor should we bear the burdens of others except to help where our help is wanted and will be received.
God’s supply is mental. That is, that which can be thought can also be externalized. Jesus through a mental process produced loaves of bread. Ordinarily it would cover a period of weeks from the time the grains of wheat were planted in the field to the time that the bread made from this wheat appeared upon the table. Jesus eliminated this period of time and through right thought (Mind) produced the bread and fish at the very moment they were needed.
Because we cannot now do likewise is no reason why we should not start with simpler problems of supply. We have every right to every good thing and also the right to enjoy it.
I have often marveled at the lavishness that would almost appear like wanton extravagance in Nature. In the spring time of the year we can find hillsides and valleys covered with flowers of exquisite patterns, colors, and fragrance and in vicinities where scarcely there is a soul to see them or enjoy them. We might wonder why Nature manifests Itself so lavishly in these isolated spots. The goodness of Nature is universal. As the sun shines upon all alike, so also we each are entitled to have and enjoy the richness and fullness of every good thing.
There is a mental law or reason back of every effect. Grapes come from grapevines and apples come from apple trees, sickness from the seed of ignorance and abundance from the tree of Understanding. That like produces like is a mental law, self─acting, self─sustaining and self-existing. There may appear obstacles in your path which can easily be set aside as you come into mental touch with Life, Understanding.
Without thought nothing has ever been or ever will be made to appear. So look unflinchingly over your visible external horizon and know that you have power within your own consciousness to bring about your desired good in your affairs. Trials are stepping stones very often and as we rise and overcome them we make our character stronger and more enduring.
The outer abundance is dependent upon our inner riches of thought. Believe in plenty, in infinite abundance. In the beginning was God─Mind, and God, Mind, is the same in quality today as yesterday and is self─sustained and self─operating. This Mind in activity is right thinking and feeling and each individual can himself put this creative Mind to work through the right thinking and right feeling and bring about the creation that he knows is right and good to have.
The more we know about Truth (true thinking) the more successful we shall be in all our affairs. As all outward success and prosperity depends upon mental laws and obedience thereto, it is quite necessary that we gain an understanding of these laws, and think and live in harmony with them if we wish happiness and success. The poverty belief is delusion; it is founded upon wrong belief.
As the sun shines upon all without partiality so in the fitness and fairness of Nature we all have the same right to prosperity and abundance. But it takes effort upon our part. We should not sit still and expect money to fall into our laps.
We do not sit still and let the blackboard solve the mathematical problems for us. The answers to the problems already exist in the invisible even before we take the chalk in our hands, but we are not conscious of them, and we have to think and act before these answers become known to us. Thus, in working out our life problems of harmony and prosperity. Everything good and right is ours in the mental world of Reality, but if we wish to bring this all good into our experience or wish to externalize or to bring into visible manifestation some particularly desired good thing, we must work mentally toward that end and mentally see and understand that what we need is already in our possession.
“He that soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” Sow your seeds, good thoughts, bountifully, and expect to reap from them abundance. No one can rise higher than his own thought. We must plant the bulb before we obtain the lily, and thus we must plant the seeds or thoughts of success and plenty in order to have abundance manifested in our outer life.
What seeds are you sowing in your mental garden?
Sow thoughts of wisdom and reason and reap Understanding.
Sow thoughts of health and harmony and reap health and harmony.
Sow thoughts of success and activity and reap prosperity and abundance.
Sow thoughts of love, faith, courage, poise, and reap that which is right and good, the fullness of your desires.
Plant your desires in all earnestness and expectancy, guard them with love and care, prune them with increasing wisdom and they will become for you the tree of life whose seed is in itself.
Anyone can prove that the Word (thought) is seed, by planting it in consciousness.
Do not be faltering, wavering, doubtful, nor uncertain, but strive in all your mental progress to achieve courage and patience.
We should not hoard outward riches, neither should we hoard the mental or invisible thought riches. Give the goodness and wealth of your Mind (thought) and heart (feeling) and this good shall return to you or be turned back or externalized unto you. Let us teach and preach the Wisdom that we know even though we have not yet “overcome” in all ways that we desire nor yet have fully demonstrated the complete Truth in our experiences. The magnet for all good is to be good, be loving, be forgiving, be active, and be joyous. Take these thoughts and feelings for your mental companions if you wish to demonstrate or bring into the mental world your supply of abundance and success. There are no bargain counters in Nature, no sales days, nothing marked down. The price (Law) is established and reigns inviolate from everlasting to everlasting. Be willing to pay the price, for, as you give up the false sense or ignorant beliefs are you ready to gain heaven and harmony.
There are those who believe that Jesus was poor because he had no house nor lands, and the Bible says that he had nowhere to lay his head. Jesus was capable of speaking the Word into being, and so how could it ever be thought that he was poor? For him to think was for him to have. What he desired to externalize came into visibility not through manual effort, but through Understanding. We are all justified in having what we need for our comfort and joy. We should not have to slave for a living. We should labor for Understanding for this alone will plant our feet upon a higher plane and make our experiences easier and happier. Daniel was master of the lions because he had enough understanding to be master of himself (of his own thoughts and feeling) at that time. We need not be afraid of the lions in our path if we have understanding, for with the understanding of Life the lions will not harm us, but will be chained, as far as we are concerned.
Have you ever read the story about the men who started out through a dense forest to find the home of the King who lived in a wonderful palace far on the other side of the forest?
It seems that the King had written to these three men and invited them to come to him and had even sent them a paper upon which was an outline of the forest and the very path they were to follow in order to reach his home. The path they were to follow was in the middle of the forest and was very narrow, while wide bypaths branched off from it all the way along. He warned them against these tempting by-paths and promised them if they would faithfully follow his directions they would reach his palace and live with him forever in all joy and happiness. So these three men started on the journey with the King’s script before them. Very soon one man fell back because people on the way told him how utterly foolish he was in such an attempt; that many had tried it and had failed because huge lions lay in the path before them.
So now the two went on. Presently a great noise was heard. It was the roar of a lion. The sound echoed throughout the great forest, and it seemed that the lion must be directly in their path. Another of the men was now afraid and hastening from the straight path took a road that led him into another direction. But one man was now left and with sinking heart and quivering breath he continued in the straight and narrow path. The lions continued to roar until the very earth upon which he was standing trembled beneath him. Then was he terrified, indeed. Again he looked long and earnestly at the sketch the King had sent him to follow. There was no mistake; he was following right in the very path that the King had outlined and which he said if he followed would bring him safely to his wonderful home. Could the King be wrong? Would the King deceive him? A thousand times, No! But the lions in his path? What did they mean? He could not answer. All he could do was to trust, to have faith and confidence in the King’s promises, and to continue regardless of the lions.
So now he walked on and soon the roars were so loud and so close to him that he could not move another inch, his trembling was so great. And then, right before him, right in the very path, it seemed, were two great lions whose cries shook the earth.
But, having come so far the man would not now turn back. All he could think was this;──”the King would not deceive me.” Shaking and trembling he moved forward right toward the lions, when behold!─what did he see?─Why, the lions were chained! One on each side of the path, yet neither could reach him. Oh, what joy was his! With happy heart he walked along the path right between the hungry roaring lions and there, right before him, was the King’s palace and the King himself coming to greet him and give him the joys that he had promised.
Oh troubled hearts, ponder this lesson well and, when fearful and worried over evil appearances strive to understand the reality and certainty of the promise of Nature, Life. Strive to live in harmony with the laws of Life and thus eradicate the sense of fear. These laws are fixed, certain, absolute, and unfailing. What if we are terrified! What if the lions do seem real and true to us! We know that Life’s promises are truer than all the seeming lions in our path. And, if we do our mental work faithfully and well, we will soon discover to our great joy that the lions we so feared are indeed chained, that is, powerless to harm us.
If you seem to be in a state of poverty or lack, realize that it is but a temporary seeming and strive to make mental connection with Life in all its abundance. This connection is a process in mind, a process of thinking, knowing and feeling; `I am Life Itself, and so I can desire and expect every good thing for as I think I will be and will have. The selfhood which is Life, God, cannot lack for any good thing, and it is my right to demand and command that which is actually mine by Nature.”
See your desire as already fulfilled; that is, as thought is the one and only Creator, then, it is by seeing (thinking) your desire as realized now that the objectification takes place or the Word (thought) becomes manifested. In plain words, see and feel yourself in possession of that good which you desire.
This universe is One (uni) and God is One, hence all Life or being is the One─Life, One─God. As God possesses all and is all so you in your very nature must have and must be that which God is.
Practice thinking of your real nature or thinking of yourself as you really are, having abundance of life, health, happiness, and supply. Electricity does not come into your house without some means or channel of connection with the power─house, so even though the Powerhouse of abundance of all good is within you or is actually your own Mind and Spirit, yet you need to make a conscious connection with the Power before it manifests itself or externalizes itself to you. This connection can be made and is made in thinking and in feeling only.
Try your understanding with what seems like a small demonstration and then as confidence and clearer understanding come to you, you will be able to do greater things.
You do not lack a thing in your real being,─it is only a sense or a belief of lack that is felt and this wrong sense must be and will be destroyed as you gain and hold the right and real sense of Life and Self.
We read in the Bible that God (Mind) giveth to every seed (thought) his (its) own body (external embodiment). Thoughts (seeds) of anxiety and doubt and fear should be courageously forced aside while the mind holds clearly and firmly to its true position. Affirm your desire as already fulfilled in the invisible realm and hence no obstruction to its visible form or manifestation.
Wisdom is your nature and in order that this wisdom become known to you, you must claim it and put your mind in conscious touch with it. Realize that the mentality that you have is all knowing and, so, if there is some particular thing or problem that you desire to understand, declare “I know all things. I do know now all there is to know about this problem and its harmonious solution.”
To illustrate. One day I suddenly became aware that my wedding ring was missing from my finger. I never remove it voluntarily so I knew I had not mislaid it. Its disappearance was certainly a mystery to me. However, I silently thought, “Mind knows just where that ring is and this fact will be made known to me.” Every time I thought of the ring I just knew this truth and then dismissed the subject from my mind. I felt certain that Mind would reveal to me the location of the ring and I made no search whatever. The next day, suddenly a thought came to me so clearly that it sounded like spoken words, “Look in the ice box for your ring.” Now, I was surprised as if someone had spoken to me, for at that time I had not been thinking of the ring at all. I walked directly towards the ice box and felt impelled to open the top of the box and lift up the piece of ice, and, there embodied in the bottom of the piece of ice laid my ring. I recalled then that I had rearranged the ice after the man had left it and it could be easily understood how the ring was caught and held. I have had many similar experiences in locating lost articles and have also had wonderfully happy results in shopping excursions. To sit silently at home and know just what you want in the way of a gown or a coat and later to walk into a shop and find your mental pictures externalized before you eliminates hours of travel, worriment and inconvenience.
Within you is the Kingdom or Source of all─knowing or Understanding, and within you is also the ability and power to bring this wisdom into conscious activity. Claim God, Understanding, as the reality of your being and aim to bring peace and joy into your daily living, knowing that the One─Life of abundance is “above all and through all and in you all.”
The new heaven and new earth will come to us by degrees through renewed thinking and feeling until we are “changed from glory to glory” and become a new creature, born of God, Understanding; fearless, confident and pure, until we come “unto a perfect man . . . unto the fullness of Christ.”


Remember that thinking lack manifests itself in the outer as the absence of that which you should have. Thinking abundance manifests itself in abundant supply.

Remember to have a live faith in divine Substance (thinking) from which all good proceeds.

Remember, if you want good to come to you, you must also give good unto others, for love is the fulfilling of the law.

Remember, in order to experience abundance of all good, you must gain understanding.

Remember, that the one and only purpose of Life in you is that you acquire the right and true understanding of God and Self.

Remember, that every day is filled with possibilities. Are you thinking of your blessings and are you establishing in consciousness the activity that promotes growth, harmony and abundance?

Remember to keep away the belief that you are but effect and know that you are Cause Itself.

Remember to think: I possess unlimited supply of all good things, for infinite Mind is my resource and I have and manifest that which I desire.

Remember, that Understanding is priceless. When you have enough understanding you will not experience lack of any kind.

Remember, that all good belongs to you; claim it; think it; feel it; believe in it now, and your Word shall not return unto you void but shall externalize itself in the very thing that you desire.

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