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Hi! I am Cynthia. Thank you for your interest in Lillian De Waters. The purpose of this site is to make it easy for readers to find Lillian’s material. My husband Gerrit has a personal relationship with Lillian. Lillian is the grandmother of his deceased wife Valerie, and the great grandmother to his daughter Vicki. Lillian is an extraordinary woman, and a well known spiritual healer. When Gerrit met her in his early twenties Lillian left a strong impression on him. Lillian also transformed my life. As you read Lillian’s writtings, you will see how her beliefs evolved. We felt the need to extend her word to everyone that is interested in her and interested in spiritual transformation.

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  1. Thank you for writing “about us | Lillian De Waters.

    com”. Iwill surely wind up being back for even more reading and commenting here
    shortly. I am grateful, Chastity

  2. Thank you for this website. I read some books by Lillian and I found an amazing Energy
    in her words and between. She was an extraordinaire Spirit and I am grateful for that.

    Thanks again for your work,

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