Chapter 1 Religious Beliefs Of Today

The Voice Of Revelation

The Voice Of Revelation
By Lillian De Waters
all right reserved

Chapter 1
Religious Beliefs Of Today

The Longing For Something which will end world conflict, promote peace among nations, eradicate diseases, and bring serenity and tranquility to hearts and home everywhere, is widespread. Such longing is heartfelt; yet, paradoxically, it is the resultant of the grossly fallacious belief and teaching that we are human beings, with mind, thought and will of our own; and that we all live together in a world which is temporal, material and destructible.
The doctrines of religion, as well as teaching in general, unite today in the common, deplorable misconception that God is Spirit, and we are humanity; and that we must make an exodus from a material world and human existence into the spiritual World and spiritual Existence.
Unprejudiced, fearless and deliberately, let us examine the general status of religious beliefs and teachings of today, as more and more they come into universal focus, and will continue to do so, until the Truth that one God, one Selfhood and one World reigns alone, becomes more widely seen, known and accepted.
Though all the while we are of the World of immaculate love, peace and security—wherein and whereof GOD is the Self, Being, Life, Mind and Will of everyone—the teaching of sin, separation, material world and human existence is world-wide. While living in the midst of peace and happiness, security and abundance, one labors to acquire them, to develop or demonstrate them—but still feels that he is separated from them.
He studies books and listens to teachers or guides that they may show him the way. Alas, he discovers that nearly everyone is searching and struggling for the same thing—something which will bring him the fulfillment of his heartfelt desires.
The entire framework for the preposterous conjecture, assumption and teaching that we must be translated from a human state into the spiritual, and go from one world to another, is taken wholly from certain traditions or mythology, in which is not a single grain of truth. Identified by various, diversified names and titles, and leading over devious paths, all religious creeds, doctrines and tenets are rooted in one basic fallacy—precisely—that we are mortals, mankind, humanity.
Webster defines religion as “systems of faith” practices of religious beliefs.” Religion claims two existences, one for God—spiritual existence; and another existence for us—a human or material existence. It further identifies us with a past state of human birth, a present state of regeneration, and a future state of perfection, after we have earned won or demonstrated it. Without the religious beliefs in sin and separation, there would be no ground, basis or foundation for creed or doctrine; no hypothesis for struggle, strife or warfare; no need for system or method of salvation.
The word religion is derived from re and ligio, meaning to bind back. Classifying God as Spirit, and us as humanity, religion then strives to bind back these parts which it believes have been separated. To this end, each religion selects its own particular method, system and practice, whereby to re-deem, re-generate or re-instate us into that eternal Oneness which never has been severed.
Reader, were you present, were you there, when original sin took place? Did you see how, when and why separation entered into spiritual Being and spiritual World, that one should now believe himself to be a human being, living in a material world? Has not your heart often wondered, over and over again, how we could have become separated from Spirit, God, that we should now be called mankind or humanity? And have you not longed to believe that God must always be the All-in-All? Trust your heart and its intuitive feelings! We were never separated from God!
In the Biblical narrative of Adam and sin, tribulation, woe and death, there is neither veracity, truth nor symbology. No teaching should be built upon it. The Infinite, sinless God knows no human being or material world; no sin, nor warfare; no translation or demonstration; no fear, nor fear of fear; no struggle, strife, nor death. In the one Infinite God, all is Spirit, and there can be no mortals, no human beings. Emergence from matter into Spirit, or journey from one world to another, is utterly impossible. None can bridge a distance between us and God—no distance exists. None can make a journey to God—God is within us. No future time or place can ever be—God is timeless, spaceless, everpresent.

The very belief in and use of the terms human, material, physical, mortal and mental, assuming—as they do—our separation from Spirit, God, automatically subjects one to sickness, sorrow, tribulation, war and death.
Every method, plan or practice offered today as a way back or forward to our perfect Self and World, is based upon the demoralizing belief and teaching that we are not the one perfect Self and Being now; and that we are not living in the perfect World now. Who is teaching these doctrines and beliefs? The general religious teaching of today. It preaches that we are now mortals, that we have a material body and mind which are temporal, and that we are to become perfect through progressive human footsteps. Were religion not accepting that we are now separated from God or other than the one perfect Selfhood, would it be identifying God as Spirit, and us as mankind or humanity? No—it would not.
While one may declare that there is no self apart from God, he straightway contradicts it, if he teaches or believes that we are either to put off or to improve a human mind; or build a new consciousness. In fact, everything he does to become what the one Self already is, points directly to his own belief in separation and duality.
True knowledge of God and us cannot exist apart from inner Revelation. From life lived by inner Light, we learn that we are not separate from God or other than Spirit. GOD CANNOT BE ONE, AND WE ANOTHER. That we must work and labor to become the One we actually are; and strive to demonstrate the things which are ours already, is a blindness which true vision only can dispel. From inner Light, we learn the great and absolute Truth—separation from God never took place. The way to know the unadulterated Truth is the way of the deeply devoted heart to its own Light. Here we learn the Truth from God direct.
What is Truth?
This is Truth: One God, One Self, One Spirit, One Mind, One Existence, reigning alone–Eternally. Truth is everpresent—complete, absolute, total, all. Truth is without interval or interruption, remaining identical within Itself. To be or not to be the One which reigns alone, is the issue which is paramount today. To know the Truth that one Self exists alone; or to claim existence of two—God and humanity—reveals one’s present Knowledge or belief.
Truth stands alone. Truth has no opposite. Truth has no supposititious antipode. Truth has no second. The teaching that we must develop from one state to another, emerge from matter into Spirit, and be translated from a material existence into the spiritual World, is a denial of the sacred, everlasting Truth that GOD is within us; CHRIST is within us; THE KINGDOM OF GOD is within us—right where we are Here and Now.
Whatever is true and perfect remains true and perfect always. Never can there be a becoming state of Reality. Our true and perfect Self is here NOW. Time and place are unknown to God. How far away from us is our Self? It is always right where we are. It knows no one is present, no one is here, but Me. In Me, there is no fear, no darkness nor veil, nor myth of Adam and sin, nor warfare, tribulation and death. I AM the One World, The ONE I AM THAT I AM. I yield My glory to none other.
We have no self or mind that is human or body that is material; no human self, mind or body can ever be. WE ARE THE ONE WHO EXISTS ALONE. All contrary beliefs must be surrendered. Truth comes as Revelation to him who, surrendering all belief of himself as another beside the One, and with his whole heart loving the Infinite unseparated ONE above all else, rejoicingly identifies himself as the one Self, the one Being, Mind and World—SPIRIT.
The one universal Selfhood was never severed. Not anything was ever lost; nor is there something to be gained. The real Self is our only Self. This Self is God. Other than the Self, There is no God.
Reader, if you would be whole, happy and free, then identify yourself as the true and real Self only. Whatever is not true should not be considered or tolerated. Freedom consists in knowing what Truth is, and in being Truth. To know what Truth is, and to be Truth, provides our perfect answer to every question, rendering certain and sure our complete safety, security and happiness, here and now.
Thoughts may change, doctrines and laws undergo revisions, but the Truth that the perfect Self is our only Self, reigns alone—Eternally.

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