Chapter 3 The Book Of Life

Chapter 3

LET US NOW CONSIDER a source of knowledge sincerely believed by many to be supreme in the field of spiritual Light, and to contain knowledge which cannot be superseded—namely the Bible. Here is a book which Christian nations believe to be inspired Truth—not to be questioned. Why should this be, when in all other realms of knowledge, and all other departments of life, the new ideas, new inventions and new discoveries, which are going on continually, are accepted with delight, and utilized generally? Should not the searcher for that which is perfect knowledge joyfully accept new Revelation of Truth as known today, rather than depend upon doctrines and creeds of past ages?
It is a marvelous, glorious fact, which remains inviolate, that it is the nature of truth to reveal Itself continually to pure in heart, in ever expanding brightness of Light, vision and experience. Reality and Truth ever abide within us—even right in the present here and now. In spite of all religious books, preaching, and teaching, no heart has ever been able to reconcile a perfect Creator with sin, sorrow, want, war, punishment, destruction and death. Regardless of all beliefs and doctrines, everyone is still longing for a joy without sorrow, for peace, harmony and happiness without discord, hostility or destruction. Hungry hearts continue to ask for the answer pertaining to the origin of evil in a world of everpresent God.
Daring questions, if allowed free and spontaneous utterance from the heart—with its persistence and insistence, its native pristine Purity and Oneness—are bound to receive amazing and astonishing answers, and right from the heart itself. Let us dare to give utterance to the heart’s burning questions. For instance, the following: How could sinless God see even one sin to punish or forgive—not to mention a whole world of sin and sinners? Could divine Love rebuke error, when it knows no presence but Its own? Could there be God and sin, God and pain, God and punishment, God and war or destruction? Can there be one Infinitude of Being, and also a world of sick, sinful and suffering humanity?
True, every Christian religion of today accepts two existences, two powers, two minds, two beings, namely, one: that of God; and two: that of man. Every religion identifies us as man, a human being, living in a human existence, wherein we must work out our own salvation through struggle, regeneration and overcoming. Christian books, written since the Bible, professing to be founded upon the Bible, to be a spiritual interpretation of, or a key to the Bible, contain the same platform of dualism. All Christian teachings and practices of today—whether called orthodox or metaphysical—identify us as man, with human mind and will, in need of regeneration and salvation.
Were we a race of human beings or humanity who must pray, strive and struggle continually to overcome imperfections, discords, sorrow and limitation—day after day, year after year—never could we know the truth that the one Selfhood is our only Self; for none can know the Truth except as the sinless Selfhood.
What gives one the real Truth? What lifts his vision to the living God? What brings him glorious Light, peace, and security? Something within himself. Something within his own heart. Truth is made known to us through inner Light only—the still, small Voice. Here is where they shall be all taught of God. Spiritual Insight or Vision is a beholding which is wholly spiritual—incorporeal. To see Truth as it is—in its simplicity, purity and glory—we must be willing to look away from book, doctrine and person to God direct. To hear spiritually, we must be deaf to every one and every thing which treats of another mind, another power, another existence and world beside the One God.
What do we see, what do we feel, and what do we know spiritually—of God direct? What is it that is revealed to us regarding sin, sinner, sinful world? It is this: the forever I AM is the changeless, immaculate, indivisible ALL-in-ALL. God knows only Truth, even as the sun knows only its own light. God never miscalculated, misconceived, miscreated. God did not sin. God did not permit or allow sin. God never told us of the presence of sin, sinner, sickness, devil or death. God knows only God. Truth knows only Truth. Truth never devised a way to pay sin’s wages. Truth never predicted war, bloodshed or tribulation. God is the only Selfhood of all; God is the only Power. God is the only Existence.
The forever I AM is our only Self. In the Light of the eternal One, we see as this One, we feel and we know as this One. God does not tell us that we are fallen beings; nor that we are separate from the Light of Truth. Through our heart’s deepest devotion and loyalty to God as our only Being, we can experience the eternal Mind as our all and everything. We are certain that we have never been separated from Spirit—we are Spirit! We know there was no fall from divine Mind—we are divine Mind. We experience the perfect World dwelling within us.

Reader, should it be worthy of our belief, that a God who is the Perfection of Being could decree and predict sin, sorrow, strife, warfare and death? They who have Light within themselves—revealing the Infinite God of Love, Peace, Harmony and Perfection, everpresent—can no longer believe in a world of finite, sinful human beings. To them their God must be One—changeless, absolute, ALL.
The hour is at hand when we can read the Book of Life, known by the One whose eye is single. It is unique indeed—pristine and pure. It is not a compilation of writings, nor is it an interpretation of them. THE BOOK OF LIFE IS REVELATION OF THE HEART. It can be understood by the heart alone. Without regard to person, time, place or thing, the Book of Life, or Revelation of the heart, reveals our Real Nature and Being to be our only Nature and Being. It reveals the truth of our Identify as it is now, and as it was, and as it ever will be—the one Spiritual Selfhood Itself.
Yes—perfect Knowledge is come, revealing God as one unseparated, Infinite Self, Being, Mind and Existence, thus canceling belief in the legendary records of a fall, a curse, sin, misery, tribulation; human beings, human minds, human thinking; a future place, time, world and existence. Revelation never ceases, nor can it have an ultimate finality. Nothing can stop the renewing Light of the heart, which is ever sending forth its effulgence to those ready to receive it.
New Light is now come. Not only does it reiterate the Revelation of God as the one Infinite Mind, but it further reveals that we are this Mind, here and now; and that we are not mortals with human minds. New Light reveals spiritual existence to be the only existence we have now, or ever can have. When this new Light, that we are Spirit, the one Mind, supersedes for him the imperfect teaching—even that which appears in his most cherished textbook or the Bible itself—one will realize that out of the mouth of the one Mind and Being there cannot proceed the teaching of both Oneness and duality, both spiritual Mind and human minds, spiritual Beings and mortals, Truth and error.
He who has the Light which reveals the one spiritual Mind and the one spiritual Existence to be the only Mind and the only Existence there ever was or can be, knows further that there absolutely cannot be an Infinite God of Love, Peace, Harmony and Perfection, and also a world of finite, sinful, human beings. WHATEVER IS PERFECT AND INFINITE MUST BE ONE—IT CANNOT BE TWO.
In all Scriptures, including the Christian Bible, we find not only absolute Truth or perfect Knowledge, but also mythology and duality, recorded side by side. The heart which is devoted to the Light of Truth above all else, is pure enough to admit new Revelation. He who has the discernment bestowed upon him by Self-Revelation, will cease to accept any longer the dualistic doctrine of another being, mind, power and existence beside GOD, the One. He will not accept any longer the teaching based upon himself as a human being, man or mind, which in turn is based upon the Scriptural doctrine called the fall of man.
The fact and reality is revealed—God is Infinite, spiritual Self and Mind, and there is none else. Out of this ONENESS, it follows we have no human mind or consciousness. God-Self, God-Mind and God-Consciousness exists alone. No other consciousness has ever existed. This is the perfect Knowledge superseding the teaching that we are a human man or a mortal, to reach perfection through evolution, progress or translation. The widespread teaching that a human mind can be imbued with understanding, or that mortals can improve their beliefs through progressive human footsteps, though it has brought blessings as a temporary compensation, yet such results were part and parcel of imperfect knowledge, which shall be discarded. Recognized as based upon the belief that we are mortals or human beings, such teaching will become useless, and be brought to an end.
Understanding a myth to be something in imagination only—containing neither truth nor reality—one should dismiss it. There was never the birth of a single mortal, never a fallen being. The Infinite Whole exists without beginning, separation or end. Through the revelation of ONENESS AS ALLNESS—changeless, timeless, absolute—we come face to face with our Self which reigns alone. It is without cause, effect, history or purpose.
With wholehearted love and absolute devotion to truth and Light Itself, one will let go his former beliefs, the same as he discontinued the use of candles and the horse and buggy. If yesterday, he believed certain things and ideas to be true—when they were not—he can be ready today, to accept new and renewing spiritual ideas and insight, just as he accepts new inventions as they become known and available.
No fear is attached to the turning to and acceptance of this enlightened standpoint. Every interpretation, doctrine or practice, which would connect, identify or associate us with degenerate beings—humanity, humanhood or mortals—will be swallowed up and lost sight of in the luminous Light and perfect Knowledge that THE INFINITE I AM REMAINS UNSEPARTATED AND ALONE.

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