Chapter 6 Spiritual Practice

Chapter 6
Spiritual Practice

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LESSON No.1 November 14, 1943
Our Power And Glory

When one has the true and actual Knowledge of himself, that is, when he knows his Life and Being to be God, the one and only Selfhood, and this Self to be one and indivisible–impossible of separation into multiple personalities–then he is ready to learn how to live in the midst what may seem to be trials and tribulations, and walk undismayed, free and immune.
Of his personal efforts no one can think himself into the Kingdom of Heaven, redeem himself from what seems the necessity to make demonstrations, or rise above the belief that he is imperfect, insecure and incomplete. Not until one discards everything that has to do with personal efforts, personal getting or demonstration, in fact, everything that has to do with a becoming, will he be able to understand the illuminating I AM. Many still need to see that there is no such thing as personality, nor ever can be. Nor can one be God individualized.
Let one turn absolute and completely away from all belief that he is other than the one perfect Life now; that he is other than the one immaculate body now or the one All-knowing, All existing, All supplying Mind now. If one finds himself unable to fulfill this divine requirement, then of necessity he needs to be born again. Just how can this be accomplished? Only through immaculate conception. For instance, do you still make note of a certain day and place where you were born of human parents? Do you believe that two human beings gave you life, and that you are a product of humanity? These beliefs must be laid aside. Unless this is done, you are bound to consider yourself a human being, under the law of human birth, age and death.
Each must eventually conceived himself spiritually, immaculately–that is–conceive himself to be Spirit, never having been born–never having had existence apart from Spirit. You must be born of the Spirit before you can actually see and claim yourself to be Spirit! Without this rebirth, or letting go of human concept to accept the Real and the True, you will unwittingly be attempting to place the immaculate conception over the human and material belief. Such an attempt to gain the light of Truth will prove inconsistent and futile.
See and think only from the standpoint that Spirit is our only Substance and Identity. The one immaculate Body is ours here and now. The perfect Universe of Spirit is within us and about us. Verily what has been called a material world shall be known to be the City of God. Our Body, which may seem to be physical or material, shall be found to be immaculate–free from spot or blemish.
There is nothing but Spirit! Our whole Mind, Being, World are Spirit. Supply, income and abundance are Spirit. Happiness, companionship, joy and peace are Spirit. Through the immaculate conception we see the whole Body to be Spirit, its actions and functions, Spirit, which is ever perfect in insight, awareness, power and glory.
“I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill” (Mat.5:17) Could Jesus attempt to destroy anything existing in the World of God? No. Could he attempt to destroy anything existing outside the world of God? No. The Truth cannot change, or be changed; and this Truth means that your Mind, your Body, and your World are perfect, immaculate, free and flawless, even at this identical moment.
Never can you be redeemed or spiritualized by trying in any way to redeem or spiritualize yourself. What is your redemption? To release yourself from all belief and teaching that you are human or material, and identify yourself with God, the One-Mind, One-Life, One-Body, One-World alone. From this true and real position, you will be able to see and understand (1) that which IS, and (2) that which is NOT. Never accept the belief that the Infinite has done all the thinking; instead, know that you are the Infinite, and that you are to accept only that teaching which is based upon divine Knowledge, Insight and Understanding.
It is the will of God, the grace and love of God, that we see and know how to be free, happy and successful in this very world, and at this very time. Truth stands revealed in our experience. Verily, each must be this understanding unto himself, not as an personality, but as the perfect Mind Itself.
Never accept the notion that as you believe yourself to be well, prosperous or happy, you will become so. There is no such thing as becoming!! As a personality you do not control yourself for good or bad. You are the Self, and no other; and in you lie full and complete knowledge and experience of Reality and Truth. None will attempt to make demonstrations after he discovers his changeless and eternal Being, his immaculate Self, Body and World.

There is None Else

Today it is apparent that healing through metaphysical means is limited.. The reason is that we are entering a new Era where “there shall no sigh be given” (Mat. 12:39) All of us have no doubt experienced “signs and wonders” in our body, world and affairs, but something of far greater importance is now being required of us. Surely you can see that if healing became easier, more and more certain, then we would be absolutely satisfied with healing; and so would never know or experience the great and eternal Fact that we are perfect now, without need of healing.
Many are saying that years ago healings were sure and certain, but that now, though they read and study faithfully, healing does not result. The reason for this is a need for new Enlightenment and new Revelation. Light brings deliverance instantaneously, as a flash.
You will recall that in my book The Great Answer, I related my experience with the Japanese beetles. When these insects first attacked my linden tree, I believed that they should not harm the tree, any more than the bees or the birds, that all forms of Life were the same Life. I therefore at once began knowing that Life could not prey upon Life. Nevertheless, in spite of my clear and certain knowing, the beetles continued to destroy the leaves. After a day or so, a question arose within me, a new idea dawned upon me which I had never seen before. It was this: could it be possible that these beetles had no life in them at all? that they were NOT of God? The more I considered this Revelation the more certain it became to me that it was true. It was certainly startling and arresting.
I had always believed all life to be of God. I now recalled various accounts of pestilences in the Bible, and how they were destroyed; also that Paul threw the viper into the fire.
I saw with clear vision and understanding that God-Life could not be a pestilence, that any form of pestilence was not of God. I therefore knew as follows: if these beetles are of God, they cannot harm the tree; and if they are not of God they cannot harm the tree, for they have no life in them. The following morning, the whole great drove of them lay upon the ground under the tree. I knew then they were not of God, and that they never had any life in them. Furthermore, and of greater importance, I saw that no evil had been present. My perception of their non-existence of any life but God-Life was their abolition.
When one knows for a certainty that discord or inharmony does not come from God then let him decide whether or not there is any other source of life and being besides God. Through this manner of self-inquire, he is bound to come face to face with the genuine fact and truth that discord cannot come from God; nor from anything other than God; that it has no source, origin, substance, presence or existence. Our perception and understanding of this reality forces the conclusion of the non-existence of whatever is not of God. This should assure us of our ever-present deliverance from beliefs of suffering or limitation.
Suffering or discord never comes from the one Mind; or can it come from any other mind called mortal, human or sub-conscious. Inquiry as to the nature of existence of discord or limitation leads to the fuller Light and Understanding that one must know what is real, and what is non-existent; otherwise, he will attempt to treat conditions. In the Light of spiritual Insight he can say, “I Am the Truth, the True and the Real—the Perfect and the Eternal.
Mortal mind or human mind does not exist anywhere, either in truth or in falsity, in reality or in unreality. Were this not the fact, there could not be one God, one Being and one Mind only. Spend no time reading or thinking about delusion, illusion, fear or wrong thinking; but rather ask yourself how many gods are there, how many minds? Never has there been a source or creator of evil. Good has always filled the entire Universe, since GOD is the Infinite One.
Could the sun send forth darkness as well as light; or could there be another sun producing darkness in opposition to it? We see the impossibility of such a thing. Even so, all belief in a mortal or a human mind must be exploded. Discordant thinking or manifestation has no place in God; therefore, why give it place in you?
Free yourself through Understanding—“casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”(1Peter 5:7) you need have no responsibility to remove falsity, nor responsibility to obtain right thinking or right results. Possessing the Mind of God—which is eternal Perfection and Completeness in every way and thing—you can rest in the knowledge that Spirit is the whole of you. Then you will realize your present happiness, strength, harmony and success. Your effort to deal with thoughts is now ended. You are in the Light. You see and think with the divine Mind.
A great moment it is for anyone when for the first time he sees that God is his only Mind; and that this God-Mind is sufficient for the whole world. As soon as on sees this fact, he will willingly renounce claim to any individual mind or thinking. It is imperative that the surrender of a personal self or mind be made. This exactment must be fulfilled. Only then will his thinking satisfy him, bless and enrich him.
It is the one Consciousness which is maintaining our wholeness this very instant, keeping it faultless, immutable and eternal; and preserving the whole world pure as crystal, without spot or blemish. Dear Friend, give up all responsibility to create anything by your thinking. With your awareness of the one Mind as the one and only Mind of all, you will find your thinking to be happy and satisfying, supplying you with guidance in all ways. The one Mind or Self is never at a loss for Illumination or Understanding, but ever Absolute, Immeasurable and Complete.
The notion that there are other minds to be cultivated or purified is utterly without Truth. Separate minds do not exist. The One Mind cannot be deluded nor at a loss to understand. The One Mind is Absolute–invariable, serene, complete. It is the whole of Life and Being, knowing Itself present—here and now.
That there is one Mind, in which there is no individual consciousness, can be revealed in illumination only. In Illumination we are the divine Mind; thus we are effortlessly absolved from the belief in human mind and human selfhood. Each is the One Mind Itself. You must face the Light which is God, the one Mind. Then you will accomplish the “surrender,” for the sense of a personal human mind will be blotted out by the Light. Infinite Mind can be naught but Itself—Its own Power, Glory and Majesty.

Greater Works

What work, do you suppose, could be greater than the healing disease and suffering? It would be to understand how to live without need of healing, to be ever conscious of Wholeness, Completeness, Happiness and Abundance.
Our “mountain” Vision must therefore rest upon the changelessly, perfect Self, Body and Universe—Self-existent and Self-contained , here and now present. The One Self knows no being, power or existence but Its own. Separated from God, the Self, there are no independent lives, minds or beings. Since God, the one Mind, is the only Mind there is, no other mind exists, either to think truth or error. Evil, therefore, does not exist in Mind, Thought or Body; nor can it exist as matter, cause, effect or false belief. Utterly without truth, substance, power or presence, it is non-existent.
The need is for one to be aware that he IS the Self or perfect Being, and that there is nothing in or of him that can be anything else. Never seek out methods or practices whereby to heal disease, grief or limitation. Seek only for full Light or Enlightenment. Then discords shall be as nothing, and as a thing of naught.
Perfection of Mind, thought and Body is always present. Now is timeless Reality. Here is placeless Everpresence. We are the eternal One. The spiritual or Self-Body is without birth, growth, change, age; and without corporeality. The one Self is the one World, without war, sin, sickness or death; for the Truth is all there is. Nothing exists to oppose the truth of the Omnipresent One; nor can there be a becoming. Perfection is the only state of Being.
In the indivisible One-All, not anything can be separated. My Life is God, my Being is God. God is the whole of me; and in this Vision there is no personal “me” there is only “ME”. Truth is not an abstraction, Truth is our Being, Body and World right where we stand. Be still in this Being. The Light will dawn and be revealed to you, the Way will open and Understanding will take place—neither too little or too late. Ever I Am the One Selfhood and Being—Self-contained, Self-revealing, always at hand.
That there is one Mind, in which there is no individual consciousness, can be revealed in Illumination only. In Illumination we are the divine Mind; thus we are effortlessly absolved from the belief in human mind and human selfhood. Each is the One Mind Itself being all unto Itself.

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