Chapter 10 The High Calling Of God

Chapter 10
The High calling of God
Lesson No.5 April 14,1944
Lillian DeWaters


“I Press Toward The Mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 3:14) When we cease dealing with Bible characters as personalities, we are much better prepared to find and accept the Truth that God is All. We then reject what does not measure up to this Fact, Principle and Reality.
Not all Bible verses can be spiritually interpreted. The heart can understand and interpret only that which pertains to God as one unseparated infinte Life, Mind, Being and Existence. The heart is devoted to God as Oneness, Allness, Perfection, besides which there is none else; and thus cannot accept nor interpret anything contrary or opposed to divine Truth, Factuality and Principle.
The Bible states that the Spirit and the flesh “are contrary the one to the other…but if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.”(Gal.5:17,18) When it is revealed to us that Spirit is our only Being, then we discard the belief that we are “flesh.” If one believes he is a mortal, he has not yet spiritually perceived that “there is none else.” All teachings, therefore, in a mind, being, power or identity besides the One must be fallacious. Knowing that Reality is Spirit, the All-in-All—without change, development or evolution—we know what to believe, and what not to believe.
The way we contact the sun is through its rays of light, and likewise the way we know and feel God is through Light and Revelation of God. To the sun there is no darkness; and to the One God there is no other—all is Himself. The One Mind of everyone knows Itself to be Pure, Perfect, Invariable and Immutable.
“It is given unto you (who are pure in heart) to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (to see and understand spiritual things spiritually.” (Mat. 13:11) In this Light one’s beliefs in illusion, veils, myths and counterfeit creation are a thing of naught—not to be discussed.
There are no beings separated from the One. There is no individual consciousness. There is no mentality. Seeing as the one Mind we comprehend that Spirit and Truth are always the only Presence: that one Mind and one Consciousness alone exist; that Perfection and Completeness are our very Being; that Happiness is within us, as well as the abundance of spiritual things. All these things we know when we see that never have we been separated from Spirit; and thus that now are we Spirit.
“In Christ Jesus” means in spiritual Light, in divine Illumination, in the glorious Revelation that the One has no opposite. “in Christ Jesus” means to know I Am the Truth, I Am the Light of the World, I Am He. The things of reality which one may seek to obtain by mental effort are always present and intact, to be revealed to him of the Spirit.
The One to remain All must ever remain One. Seers of Truth are they who have had Truth revealed to them. Their Revelations are unanimous, that the One is Existence Absolute; Existence Pure; Existence Perfect; Existence Incorporeal.
“The Holy Ghost” is ones’s own Illumination. We Live by this. We cannot accept anything truly until we know and feel it from within. Teachings of duality were never revealed to anyone by the Spirit, for there is no reality in them. We do not label Truth by the name of a personality. Truth is God—I AM. Purity is in the One in whom there is no humanhood; All is the One Selfhood—Spirit.
It is our devotion to Spirit as the Infinite Selfhood which reveals Reality to us. Purity of heart means singleness of Vision—the Immaculate Conception. The Western Scripture states, “Ask, and it shall be given you; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” (Mat. 7:7). Paralleling this Illumination, the Sacred Writings of the East state, “he alone shall find this Self who is powerfully attracted to him in complete devotion; to him the Self reveals Himself as he really is.”
Vivekananda, representative of the ancient religion of India, wrote the following: “Love of God increases every moment and is ever new, to be known only by feeling it. Love is the easiest of all, it waits for no logic, it is natural. We need no demonstration, no proof…So long as you hold yourself separated by a hair’s breadth from this Eternal One, fear cannot go…He who follows the God of Truth with devotion, to him the God of Truth reveals Himself…I is impossible for us to find God outside of ourselves.”
It is enlightening for one to understand why it is that though there is one Mind and one Consciousness only, and thus no individual or personal mind or consciousness, still each must know the Truth for himself. Consider the dream as an analogy. In our night dream nothing is present, and no activity is taking place, yet only when we waken do we know this fact. In spiritual Illumination only we know that we have never been separate or different from our perfect Self; that as there is nothing to a dream, likewise there is nothing to the belief of humanhood and human existence. Awake, we are not asleep; aware of the fact that we are the divine Mind, we do not believe in other minds.
The admonition, “Be ye not conformed to this world,” (Rom. 12 :2) does not refer to the world we see before us as a world in opposition to the Real World, as is the general belief. This quotation is meant to convey that we must not believe in two worlds, that is, one—real and spiritual, and the other—unreal and material; for in this acceptation one fails to discern the absolute fact that one World alone exists, and it is here and now within us, before us, and at hand.
The book “Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard Maurice Bucke gives much information and throws important light on this all-absorbing subject. He explains that the true understanding of oneself, world and things can only be perceived by one having Cosmic Consciousness. In his chapter “Jesus the Christ,” he says: “No man could ever enter into Cosmic Consciousness because he had kept the commandments no matter how strictly. Unless a man’s spiritual life pass the orthodoxies and conventions he shall on no case enter into Cosmic Consciousness.”
In this same chapter is found the following: “The Cosmic Sense does not come to the careless but to the earnest, who diligently use all means of spiritual advancement…The oncoming of the Cosmic Sense is a new birth into a new life.”
Of “Paul” he says: “’Christ’ is Paul’s name for Cosmic Consciousness…All who have Cosmic Consciousness are on the same spiritual level.” Verily our Happiness, Joy, and all things are in our-Self as we live in our own true Consciousness. To do so it is imperative that we turn from and abhere not to the teaching that we are man, a mortal or human being.
Many wonderful letters are arriving in the mails, telling of new Peace, Light and Glory, as in the following quotations: “I find no words to describe how I feel no walls or materiality, as if I walked on air, without movement”…”These lessons have the Understanding: and the Baptism of the Holy Ghost also—the language and the instruction of the coming New Age” … “Your latest writings have revealed more of Light and Truth to me than has come to me in the last thirty years” …”I let go, and everything was revealed to me of my own true Self, I don’t have to master anything, for the Light in me is the Master of all.”
To help oneself or another, we must think from the fact of the One Consciousness, and thus see the true Sense to be the only Sense present, and the Mind of all. It is only in this Cosmic Sense that we are Whole, we are Perfect, we are Free, we are Changeless and Complete Being. In this Light we know that there is no bond or free; no young or old; no race or color.
In Cosmic Consciousness we experience the meaning of the words I AM.