Chapter 14 The True Worshippers

Chapter 14
The True Worshippers
Lesson No. 9
September 18, 1944
Lillian Dewaters


In The Field Of Mental Practice Today many are discovering to their dismay that beliefs about Truth, which they have been depending upon utterly and absolutely, no longer support them as formerly. Healing works are not taking place as in times past. The reason is this: the old order is now going out, while simultaneously an influx of New Light is taking place.
Healing practices are limited, because it must become known that human mind and human existence can never become spiritualized. “My Kingdom is not of this world (a world misconceived as material).”(John 18;36) “The world (misconception) passeth away.” (1John 2:17) Imperfect beliefs and teachings must now give way to the Perfect and Real. The hour is here when those ready to give up the old, and accept the New, will find the Kingdom of God to be within us always; and learning what this means, we shall go forward into great Light and Glory.
When the day arrived in history that the use of kerosene oil was to give place to lighting through electricity, many prolonged their acceptance of it, even as before their time some of the slaves, already set free, preferred to remain longer in slavery. Whenever a new order comes into view the old must pass away; and the time is now come when healing is to be based upon an entirely new platform. We are to find our Wholeness, Harmony and Perfection already complete and inviolate in Spirit—within us.
The belief that we are a man or creature, a body or an image, is not the Truth. The belief that each is an individual consciousness and that he is to create his good by thinking it; and that he has a mind, will and body of his own to be redeemed or purified, is not the Truth. The increased struggle to apply the Truth to mind, thought or condition comes to an end; and the reason is that Truth is what we ARE, and not what one intends to make himself.
Permanent release from ills or discords is present as one turns to the Kingdom of Spirit to see things as they actually are, and have ever remained. Instead of a need for greater effort to change thought or consciousness, this belief must be banished entirely. It shall become known that One Mind and One Consciousness reigns alone. Realities of Being cannot become known while one concerns himself with the practice of mind over matter, Truth over error, right thoughts over wrong ones; and while he continues the belief that he must defend himself from other minds; or from an entity called “evil” and its various allies.
Spirit is Mind which is never in states or stages of Consciousness. Spirit IS pure Consciousness. Spirit is Life eternal—without sickness, sin or death. Perfection exists for all who will leave all other ways for this one Way of Identification. Only in Illumination can we see things as they are, since it takes Spirit to see Spirit.
Every living one and thing is this one Substance—Spirit—never any other. There is not one mind, temporal, and another Mind, eternal. There is not a present time of preparation and a future time of peace and bliss. Time shall be no longer when we perceive the One to be without an opposite or adversary. The eternal Now is here, and if we will, we may believe it and accept it, for it is the Truth.
There will never be any time to us but Now, nor any place but Here. Disregard the teaching of a future time and place for Reality to be known and experienced. Whatever IS must be always present. God knows no future, no states and stages of Being; and God is our only Being.
Where is our perfect World, our perfect Experience, our Perfect Existence, our Harmony and Peace? Reality is our Consciousness—none else. How shall we enjoy this wondrous experience? We must believe in the One God as Spirit; and have no belief in another existence. We must expand beyond the limits of religious beliefs and teachings.
Truth is not known through any system of ideas which have to do with cause and effect, changing and applying, regenerating and overcoming. Spirit is Truth Itself—immaculate, immutable, unchangeable. In the Light of Truth we see and know everything as it is. Spiritual things have no materiality. Identified as Spirit, we are no longer the self we seemed to be, but That which is the only One. We are That to which we prayed. We are That which has been the only One forever.
Whenever a new Light comes into view, old things must pass away. Healing is now to give way to a whole new concept—that is—we are to find our Self, Mind Consciousness, Body and World to be Spirit; and we shall know that in Spirit there can be no sickness, war or discord.
The Understanding is spreading rapidly that Spirit is All, and All is Spirit; that there is but One “I” or “Identity,” which is inseparable Life, Mind and Being. Our harmony, happiness and abundance are therefore predicated upon the eternal Principle of our Perfection as present right now and here; not upon a practice of healing something or some one as a palliation until one passes on to some future time and other plane.
Not better healing and quicker healing results are to be desired or expected, but the very thought of healing is to be superseded by the pure Knowledge of One Selfhood, One Consciousness and One Existence to exist without a becoming.
The Kingdom of Perfection is within us NOW. It has never been apart from us nor we from It. One cannot know the realities of being so long as he believes that we are the perfect Being now but that first a translation must take place.
“Except a man be born…of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.” (John 3:5) Drop everything pertaining to duality—another being, mind and consciousness to be changed, corrected or purified. Never can there be more than the One. None can escape this spiritual prerequisite. Truth is Reality NOW.
When one feels the futility of all effort to apply the Truth to some one or some thing, then shall the awareness come from the within, that Perfection is the established fact; and that all that is required of him is that he believe in it, love it, trust it, and hold to it with intense spiritual devotion. Foolishly it has been thought that diseases should be healed more quickly, and that demonstrations should be more certain; but this is not the necessity. One must experience that Consciousness which is Spirit, and understand Mind Itself to be all things—perfect and eternal. The belief of a healed mind, thought, body or condition shall pass away; and the perfect Knowledge that our Mind, Consciousness and Body are Spirit now—never having been otherwise—shall become known and accepted.
Divine Revelation owes nothing to human beliefs and doctrines. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs or actions do not condition Reality. Being is the unconditioned! Just as you are, you can experience your Perfection if you will turn from beliefs which are conditional, and face your perfect Self as your Completeness and Allness here and now.


The time for “thinkers” came and has passed; the time is now here when “the real worshippers will worship the Father in Spirit and in Reality.” (John 4:23—Moffatt) Through various ways of worship, finally we come to that experience known as the “within;” here all things are Eternal.
None can place those things seen as external onto That which is within. We must be detached from church, textbook, teacher, friend or relative as personal things or people. We come to God alone. The price is high, but Oh, the glory we have with us—having lost nothing, but gained all. To know how to live in spiritual Consciousness, and be free from fear, worry, doubt and unhappiness is Existence absolute. We find Reality to have been with us and in us always—even our very Being.
Our Life is Spirit, our Being is Spirit, we are Spirit. Our hunger and thirst for Knowledge has ceased. Until one has tasted of Reality his understanding of Life is necessarily intellectual. The spiritually minded can know Spirit.
If one would experience Revelation then he must part with whatever keeps him from it. The greater our Love for and devotion to our perfect Self as already our very own, the more frequent will be the times lived in Illumination. One can make as many changes in his consciousness as he will, but none of them will bring him direct divine Light, because Truth is known by Truth, and not by change of mind.
Christ or spiritual Light and Revelation is its own church, its own royal power and glory; its own understanding, serenity and bliss. In profuse and dramatic parables, Jesus pointed out that Heaven, Reality, exists Now, as the Eternal, established fact. He asserted that there was no way to it only to leave all else for it: then, without labor or effort, we would find it within us, and we within it. He emphasized that the Way of Spirit is simple and easy, without struggle or labor.
Our perfect spiritual Body will not be manifested through any change of bodies. If it does not exist now, it is certain that it never will. A single Illumination of Spirit convinces us that a material body does not exist. Accept your body as it is in Spirit Now, and you will not need to think of healing it: you will be aware that the perfect Body you have in Reality is the only one there is or ever can be.


In the Bible there are hundreds of references to “Spirit” and to the “spiritual.” The meaning of Spirit can really be known only by experiencing it. All the descriptions of it will never explain it. Some may find it difficult to walk away from the intellectual or mental viewpoint with one great stride; yet no way exists to experience God except by Spirit.
In the book of Revelation, we read of “the everlasting gospel” which is to be preached everywhere. (Rev. 14:6) The key-note of this gospel is –Spirit. Heaven, Spirit, and the spiritual World are identical. The Self is the Being of Spirit, the Body is the Body of Spirit, World or Universe is the Universe of Spirit.
When it is said that we must come to God alone, it does not mean that we cannot receive help from another who has himself found the Way of Spirit, for most certainly we can. Yet, the same as we do our own breathing, eating and drinking, we come to our Self alone.
Our moments spent with Spirit are the most wonderful we can ever know. Here we are taught the deep things of God. The reader of this lesson may recall that at one time I mentioned the experience of having a painful finger because a rose thorn had lodged in it deeply. That night, when pain was felt, I began questioning myself like this: do I believe that I have material finger into which a thorn has entered, and that I must have it removed—or—do I see that I have a finger which is spiritual and perfect, in which no thorn is present, and no removal of it is required?
Immediately, I saw Reality as it is, and the pain stopped that instant. Soon, no discoloration or swelling could be seen—and no thorn was felt or present.
The very Nature of our Being is Illumination and Knowledge, even as the sun is its own light and heat. Our Self and our Light are not distant from us; we and our Self are the same One. To know our real Nature as our only Nature, and to love it supremely, assures us of instant Knowledge—satisfying and sufficient.