Chapter 16 Living Waters

Chapter 16
Living Waters
Lesson No. 11
Dec 1, 1944
Lillian DeWaters


It is Apparent that a definite advance has begun toward the purely Spiritual. Today, there are those who are ready to give up labor and struggle to demonstrate health, wealth and happiness, for acceptance of the absolute Truth that we are not flesh (matter) but Spirit (Rom. 8:9)
These lessons can reveal Understanding to those who have not studied Metaphysics, as well as to those who are now ready to expand beyond it. Those who call themselves human beings cannot find a solution to their human problems.
No remedy for the limitations of a flat earth could be found by those who lived as part of it. When they discovered the earth to be round, not flat, an altogether new viewpoint opened to them. Then the limitations of a flat earth were automatically lost sight of. Exactly so with the limitations called sickness, sin, sorrow want and war. They, too, shall be done away with, effortlessly, for him who knows himself to be Spirit.
If fear and trouble could be healed each time a need arose, we would never know our Self and our World to be completely perfect here and now. The promises of safety, security, peace and immunity are found to be sure and certain by those who receive or accept the Light, that one Being alone is present—the Infinite “I.” “He (“I”) shall deliver thee in six troubles; yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.”(Job 5:19)
Why continue to believe in mortals, when “I” am All of All? Why persist in accepting two powers, two worlds, when there is none but “ME”? Why carry on with misconception, when ‘I” am only Mind there is? Why struggle and labor to put on or emerge into Perfection, when Perfection alone is present?
The Vedas declare that Reality comes not by mental gymnastics, but by pure love and devotion to the One. They teach that the Bliss of Self is always with us, and we find it if we will seek it earnestly. We are ever the Self, the Absolute. The essential purpose of the Vedas is to teach the Nature of the One Selfhood, and to declare with authority that this is our Self; that we shall realize perfect Peace, Serenity and Bliss by constant devotion to the Self which has no opposite.
It is true, that if we continue to accept but the one Self, the one “I,” this spiritual awareness will bring us infinite calm, peace and happiness; we see and we know, we love and we exist as this Self Itself. Continuing in the Knowledge that one Self and one World is now present, this Reality becomes natural to us—clear and certain. Our Realization of God as our Being, Mind and World is God-Consciousness.
In the one Infinite, there is no evolution of other beings, other minds, other consciousnesses. Equality cannot be found elsewhere than in our awareness that we are the Infinite One.
Detach yourself from the doctrine or belief that this world is not God’s World; that we do not possess now the Mind of God; and that we must evolve into Perfection and Reality. Perfection of the One never changed. It is here always.
“Rely with all your heart on the Eternal, and never lean on your own insight: have mind of Him wherever you may go, and He will clear the road for you…the Eternal will be your protection, and preserve you from all danger.” (Proverbs 3:5,6,26—Moffatt)