Chapter 17 The Unconditioned Absolute

Chapter 17
The Unconditioned Absolute
Lesson No. 13
Feb. 17, 1945
Lillian DeWaters


We Sould Be Devoted to the one Selfhood as our only Self, and never think for a single moment that we are another. Our Self is our all-seeing Eye, our all-hearing Ear, our all-knowing Mind; our almighty Savior, our infallible Illumination.
When one adopts the idea that he must bring Truth into expression, he overlooks the fact that the Self is Mind and Manifestation as One. Place not the Spiritual and Real on one side as God and Truth, and on the other side, see a body to be healed or thoughts to be overcome. This plainly represents the “city or house” which “divided against itself shall not stand.” (Mat. 12:25)
The very word demonstration is thought of as the practice of Truth over error; the use of Truth to heal disease, sorrow or sin. Often one sets out to demonstrate Truth in his affairs. He should know spiritually that Harmony and Wholeness already exist as the one Selfhood—unchanging.
Healing should not be thought of as a removal of something discordant, but as the joyous acceptance of that which we know to have ever been our perfect Selfhood. Through Illumination we know that Perfection is what one is, not what he may attempts to demonstrate. Truth IS the Manifest—without beginning or end.
To those of inner Illumination and Understanding the Absolute is the unconditioned. Until this knowledge comes to one, that all is the One Being and the one Existence now, he will need to continue his effort to overcome difficulties. To the perfect Self there is no such thing as matter or a material life. One would need to designate something as matter, before practicing a denial of matter. Denial of a thing admits belief in it.
One of the old sayings of the East is that “Satan is the science of demonstration.” It is plain, that should one say, “I will now demonstrate my good,” he must first assume that this good is not already present, in his Mind and World. The knowing of the Truth, that he is the one Selfhood, is quite sufficient for his freedom from limitation.
As a human being, one seeks and prays for the things which are already his as spiritual Being. He can be delivered from a dream by waking from sleep, and by the same token, he can be delivered from the belief in mortality by accepting the glorious Light that he is present here and now as the True and the Real. Wholeness is not reached through healing, nor Perfection gained by regeneration. Attainment is the opening of one’s eyes to see what has always been present; like standing still in his own Identity, beholding himself as he is.
“Blessed are the meek.” (Mat. 5:5) One is not meek who strives or struggles to do something with the Truth, whether to heal someone, overcome something or bring the Perfect into manifestation. Meekness is knowledge that already we possess all, for already the One Being is the whole of us. The meek are they who know they possess everything in their own Being; and that they are without personality of their own. They know that the Absolute One is not only the Mind of all, the Life and Being of all, but that the Absolute is their whole Existence—their only World.