Chapter 18 Light Of The World

Chapter 18

Light Of The World

Lesson No. 22
August 20, 1947
Lillian DeWaters


Absolute Truth can be known and understood in one way alone—for what it is. The word “Absolute” means this: perfect, total, all; the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth; the Voice of Truth, the Word of Truth—verily, Truth Itself.
The absolute speaks as follows: “God is Spirit; and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” (John 4:24) Note unforgettably the imperative “must” in the above sentence. It is the Eternal’s must. To know the Truth we must think as spiritual Mind, we must be pure in heart, we must love the One as the Alone, and be willing to abandon belief in and use of the following words, as follows: mind and thinking; five corporeal senses, matter, material sense, human consciousness, human concepts; cause, effect, result, appearance, illusion, unreality, nothingness; translate, transmute, develop, apply, control, cultivate, individualize, psychoanalyze, evangelize, impersonalize; error, mortal mind, mental power, mental treatment, evolution, warfare, destruction.
The above words and their facsimiles pertain to a being, a mind and an existence which do not exist. Words portray just what one believes—whether it be one Existence or two. Worshipping spiritually, we must not believe in nor discuss any other mind or any other existence than the perfect and present One. The Absolute Message pertains to the one Existence only. It knows no other.
What is Spirit, that we must worship God in Spirit? Spirit is our own spiritual Consciousness, aware of Spirit as our complete Existence, it knows there is nothing existing but Truth, nothing manifest but Reality. Knowing Spirit to be all, we no longer think or talk of a human or a mortal; illusion, shadow or dream.
“There is one God; and there is none other but He.” (Mark 12:32) There is one Mind; and there is none other but this infinite divine Mind and its infinite divine Formation. In this Mind there is not anything to be changed, transmuted, translated, handled or healed. Beside this Mind there is no personality, human mind, error or mental state; there is no universal illusion, mesmerism, hypnotism or mortal mind.
Divine Mind does not see other minds, other beings, other formations in need of treatment. It sees no illusion or appearance to be dispelled; no good or evil to be impersonalized; no thoughts or pictures to be changed. Divine Mind does not know of a mortal mind to make any claim, or an error to argue its point. It does not see anything to be lessened or intensified, to fade out or to be brought to light; to appear to view or to disappear from it.
To spiritual Mind, all is Spirit. To spiritual Mind, all is Truth. To spiritual Mind, all is spiritual Formation and spiritual Existence. This Mind sees its infinite spiritual Selfhood to be the One, the Alone, and the All.
If we would know God, and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, we must accept God to be totality. We must not accept any mind, power, formation or existence but Infinite One. The Mind which is God knows what is, and it knows none else. Mind knows, sees, feels and has cognition of all there is of its infinite perfect Selfhood. It knows no time when Truth is not present, manifest and expressed.
In the Allness of God, there is not anything physical, not anything material, not anything mortal or mental. God is not the source of anything. God Is everything. As this Mind we know there is no humanhood, no mental influence, no material mindedness, no traditional beliefs, no Adam-race, no personalities or human beings; no error that has existed down the centuries or centuries to elapse before Truth will be universally expressed.
Spiritual Existence is all there is. In the Universality of this Existence there can be no material existence, human existence or mortal existence.
Material sense does not exist, nor material body, or mortal mind. Functioning as spiritual Mind, our vision is single, our thoughts are pure thoughts—natural, spontaneous, harmonious and altogether satisfying. Our thoughts need no watching, controlling or reversing. To Infinite Spirit and Truth, Itself is all it knows, all it sees, all it feels; and all it makes known. We are this Spirit and Truth.
God does not manifest as personal minds or personal beings. God does not build better bodies according to better mental pictures, God does not see through a lie, nor reverse a lie. God does not need to develop, attain, translate, overcome or destroy anything in His infinite, illimitable Kingdom. God does not see the need of anyone to be healed or redeemed.
What a confusion of vision, to claim on the one hand the Allness of perfect spiritual Mind and Its perfect spiritual Manifestation, and on the other hand, to discuss how to deal with falsites, human concepts, mental pictures and mortal mind. It is an absolute impossibility for anyone to see, to handle or to heal something which Mind knows nothing about. The One and only Mind is “of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity. “ (Hab. 1:13) This Mind is continually proclaiming that without “Me” there was no God formed, neither shall there be after “Me.” Is there a God besides “Me”? yea, there is no God; I know not any. To the one Mind—which is all the Mind there is now or ever can be—there is not a thing true but Truth; there is not a thing real but Reality; there is not a thing existing but Spirit.
Since there is but one God and one Mind—which is ever seeing and knowing Its own Infinitude to be all there is—then what mind is seeing and thinking that there is a necessity to heal , to attain or to overcome something? What mind is discussing appearance, falsity or discord? Since God is the One infinite perfect Mind—including all Formation or Manifestation—then where is a place for appearance or dream picture? Since the divine Mind does not see or know of a false sense, pain and distress, where is the mind which reports them?
The answer is as follows: There is no existence of matter or mortality. There is no existence of a human being or a mortal mind. There is no existence of false thought or thing; unreality, error, illusion or lie. Nothing besides Truth can have existence.
Our existence as Infinite Mind is Eternal—for this Mind includes all that exists. There has never been any other existence. As God-Mind we do not discuss what we know does not exist. We know that any discussion based on another mind, and another existence, is not Truth; hence, there is no Truth in it.
There is one state of Being only—the state of Perfection and Immortality—without cause, without beginning or end. This One absolute state of Being is the “Father’s House” of many mansions—Infinite Mind and Its infinite Revelation—Self-luminious, Self-revealing, ever proclaiming Itself to be All.
The Way to Spirit and Truth is not by purification of mind and thinking, but by purity of heart. Any purification of mind and thinking is an absolute impossibility, since in Truth there is no such mind. Purity requires love of the heart for God—great enough to be ready and willing to give up all belief that one has a mind of his own, spontaneously, he thinks as divine Mind.
When one does not come to God by purity of heart, but persists in believing that he has a mind of his own—and so must watch his own thinking—he deceiveth himself, even as it is written: “For if a man think himself to be something (a mind and thinking of his own), when he is nothing (when he has no such mind), he deceiveth himself (he is not aware of the one Mind as All.)” (Gal. 6:3) Those of us who have set our hearts upon the God-Mind as our only Mind—we are the true Worshippers. We know the Absolute Truth.
Light must be seen by light; in no other way can light be seen. Likewise, Truth must be known by Truth; in no other way can Truth be without a second, the way of Truth without error, the way of Reality without unreality—the Way of the one God alone. Then, as this One, we can declare, “I Am the Truth, I Am the one Mind, I know no mind or existence but that of Spirit and Truth. I discuss no other. I love and adore the One only.”
They who believe they have a mind of their own, and must stand guard over this mind—believing its thinking to be the source of their health, harmony and success—Jesus likened to a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand. This house fell. Finally, a personal mind and personal thinking will prove of no avail. It is not of God; and therefore has no Truth in it. We who understand that we are to think by divine Mind—setting our love upon this Mind, and rejecting belief in any other—Jesus likened to a wise man, which built his house (understanding) upon a rock. Dear One, if you can see that no other mind but the divine Mind can possibly know the Truth, then you are seeing and you are thinking as this very Mind, right here and Now. Our understanding is the “house” which is founded upon the rock which cannot fail or fall. (Mat. 7:24-26)
As the perfect Mind, we know no other mind believing in itself. As the perfect Mind, we know no other mind exists. None can see and know as this Mind until he is pure enough in heart to believe in this Mind only. This is indeed the laying down of that which is vanity, to accept and to be that which is Truth.
When we are thinking as the divine Mind we know no disease, sin or discord; demonstration, translation or destruction. Thinking as this Mind, we have no sense of a human need, nor of a mortal existence. The reason why there may seem to be another mind and its thinking—when there is not any—is because one has not yet seen spiritually that there can be no mind but the Universal Spiritual Mind. When one actually perceives this spiritual fact, and accepts it fully and completely, in spite of contrary beliefs and teachings, he will begin to think as the one Mind; then his days of strife, struggle and warfare are ended.
“The Kingdom of Heaven, at hand” denotes the fact that the Real, the True and the Perfect is always present, always here and now. It is our very own Comsciousness experiencing the fact that we are spiritual Being, enjoying spiritual Existence. Thoughts of having been people, humanity or mankind are unknown. (Rev. 21;4)
Think no more of human needs. Whatever need may seem to be, could not be a need for anything human, since Spirit is All. Whatever need may seem to be, we can understand that already it is fulfilled by Spirit, for to Spirit nothing is lacking or absent. Knowing this Truth, we shall find the thing needful to be at hand, right within our own Consciousness or World. Our divine Consciousness remains aware of Its completeness always.
While one persists in thinking, in reading or talking about human needs, human betterment; lifting a human consciousness or correcting human minds; the Allness of his own Consciousness and World is not perceived or believed. All the books, teachings and demonstration of the whole world can never bring the realities of Spirit into a human existence. It is impossible.
The paramount question of concern today should be this: How shall I be able to think as divine Mind, and to see things spiritually, that I may enjoy and experience the Life and Being of Spirit? The answer is that one should open his heart wide to God, with an all-absorbing love, sufficient to blot out all sense of and belief in another mind, thinking and existence beside the One. He will then enjoy spiritual Light and Illumination, which constitutes his spiritual World.


As divine Mind, we love everything that belongs to Truth. We love the Inspirations and Revelations of our perfect Selfhood. We love to feel Its presence with us, Its endless peace and harmony. Our perfect Mind includes all the wonderful things we love to possess. Our Mind does not see something else beside Itself and then attempt to heal or to destroy it. Since the words demonstrate, utilize and apply point to something else besides God, then as the “true worshippers” we must no longer use these words.
That we may have an illustration which will throw new light on the subject of demonstration and healing, let us consider the round earth and a flat earth. Here we can gain a clear insight into what constitutes Reality and Truth, and why we should not make use of the words error, false belief, lie or appearance.
Limitations of a flat earth could never be overcome, surmounted or destroyed—because—there was no flat earth. The round earth only existed. A flat earth did not have an appearance. A flat earth did not exist as a false belief or an illusion. A flat earth had no existence at all. It was never seen or experienced by anyone; no one ever lived upon it. It could not be corrected, healed or destroyed. Having no existence there was no cause for it; nor was there any cure for it. Having no existence, nothing could be done about it. Now and always there is but one earth—the round one.
Human existence is comparable to a flat earth. There has never been a human existence, anymore than there was a flat earth. Human existence is not a false belief or an illusion; nor is there stage or state of human existence. A human existence has never been seen or experienced by anyone; no one has lived in it; there is no cause for it, nor is there any cure for it. Having no existence, a human existence has no limitations to be overcome, surmounted or destroyed; nor can its problems be handled or healed. Now and always there is but one Existence—the spiritual One. It is the only World, Being Body and Consciousness there is. It can be seen and experienced now by those who believe in It, and who identify themselves with It.
The truth about anything is all there is of that thing. There is not something else existing as a falsity, an illusion or lie. Note this carefully: since falsity has no existence in Truth, falsity has no existence at all, either actually or supposititiously. Never attempt to impersonalize error or falsity. Such effort is void of Light. It as worthless as would be the attempt to impersonalize a flat earth. There is not the Real, and besides this an unreal existence. There is not the Truth and something else present which is untrue. Truth is the only Existence there is or ever can be. If a thing is not true, it has no existence anywhere or at all.
Once this is perceived and admitted, you will understand how utterly foolish and useless to attempt to treat or handle what you know does not exist and is not present. God is not human. God is not mortal. God is not mental. Since our Existence is Spirit, then nothing can be done with a human state, a human mind or a human condition. Columbus did not instruct his people how to bring forth a better flat earth or how to become more comfortable and prosperous while living on a flat earth. He taught them the truth that this earth they lived in was not flat, but round, and that accepting this new discovery, they could now think of this world, and of their happiness, in a entirely new way.
The instruction which teaches spiritual Existence to be somewhere else other than here at hand is not true Instruction. The Absolute altogether rejects this belief, declaring and expounding spiritual Existence to be our Existence Now. While God remains God, and Spirit remains spiritual Existence, there can not be a human existence, a human mind or human body. Spiritual Existence remains the alone, inclusive of Manifestation.
Think not of a human existence as false, temporal or unreal. Perceive spiritually that there is no human existence at all. It has no beginning, and it will have no ending, anymore than had a flat earth. A human existence cannot be traced to Adam; a sleep; or a mortal mind. Know the Truth of One Existence and One World, and live in It—your own Consciousness. This is the clarion call to all who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart that is pure enough to love and feel spiritual things spiritually.
The reasoning that there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so is utterly void of Truth. Thinking did not make the earth round; thinking did not make the earth flat. Thinking does not make Existence spiritual; thinking does not make a human existence. Regardless of any kind of thinking, Spirit is all that exists here and now.
There is but one way to spiritual Existence, spiritual Mind and spiritual Body. It is to accept Spirit as present—not at a distance or somewhere else. Spirit is our Being now, Spirit is our Mind now, Spirit is our whole Existence now. Accepting this Truth as the “Way” you will give up all belief in two identities—God and man; two minds—the spiritual and human; two worlds—the one we see before us and another one which is not seen.


It was while I was deeply considering the example of the one round earth that suddenly I questioned, “What about those thousands of years when the earth was supposed to be flat?” The Answer was given to me immediately. “There were no such years.” At once I knew that to divine mind there are no calendar years. Without hesitation, I questioned further, “But what about all those people who believed the earth to be flat?” Again the Answer was instant: “There were no such people.” I saw for a certainty that if one had not the divine Mind, he had nothing.
The Truth is this: “I Am the Way.” All who accept one “I,” Self or Being as the one identity of all, know that there has never been more than one World and one Existence; and that it is here and now before us. Turn again to the simile of the one earth. There was but one way to it—to see it as this very earth. Columbus declared this earth we live in to be round, not flat. No path led from one earth to another. Every thought relating to a flat earth was spurious and worthless. Only those thoughts relating to the round earth were of value.
It has been taught that like streams of water tributary to the same ocean, multifarious paths mapped out by creed and doctrine ultimately reach the same goal—heaven. They who are on these hypothetical paths, en route from one world to another, but testify to their belief in many beings, many minds. they are constantly at work to change the things they see and do not want to have, and to create the things they do not see and wish to bring to pass. Though many have spent a lifetime attempting to emerge from matter into Spirit or leave a human existence for the spiritual, it is significant that we have never heard of anyone advancing these theories to have arrived at the goal.
Having pointed out the paths taken by “many” as representative of “broad way leading to destruction,” and also having pointed out the One Way taken by the “few” as representative of “the narrow Way” leading unto Life (Mat. 7:13,14), there still remains the crucial point to be considered, namely: how can one leave the broad way for the narrow Way? How can he know divine Mind, and experience harmony and happiness right here and now?
The answer to this question begins with the words, “Ye must be born again.” (John 3:7) Until this Word is spiritually heard and spiritually understood further enlightenment cannot be experienced. Identified as a man or a personal mind one is blind to the Truth, that since God is the only Being there can be no man-being or man-mind. “Ye cannot serve God (the One) and mammon (a second).” (Mat. 6:24)
Every spiritual admonition required spiritual love and perception to realize and fulfill it. The first perception toward the new birth is for one to turn himself away from the belief that he is a human man or being and reach into his heart for Light. The heart is the center of Light and will reveal the one divine Mind to be his only Mind and Consciousness. No purification of thought is to be considered; for when one perceives that never has he had a self or mind of his own, he will simultaneously cease having wrong thoughts. As the One Mind, his thoughts will require no correction but will be naturally satisfying and pure—calm and unchanging.
Concern yourself with Truth alone; not with people, nor with thoughts, nor with discussions. Let your love for Go, for Reality and Truth, be pure and holy. You will then be at peace with ourself; and in your humility and purity your thinking will be spontaneous, natural and perfect, like your breathing. Fulfilling God’s requirements of you, and knowing as the One Mind, you will be “like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” (Isaiah 58:11)
Truth is often breathtaking in its absoluteness. The Word of Truth is Yea, yea; Nay, nay. It decrees I AM; it also decrees there is none else. As this earth is a round earth, even so, this Existence is a spiritual Existence. Those believing they are going from this place to that are going no where. There are no such paths, nor minds having these beliefs; no such people, nor times. All ways and methods pertaining to another mind, world and existence besides the One are naught. The One Mind has never ceased to be Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience.
The Absolute Message presents the true and only Way—the Way which has naught to do with thought-taking processes, personalities, demonstration or attainment. It is the Way Jesus called the Narrow Way. (Mat. 7:14) It is single-visioned, single-minded, single-tongued. We understand Spirit by Spirit, divine Mind by divine Mind. We discover that we have never been asleep to be awakened; we have never been in a human existence to be translated into the spiritual. Divine Mind is All; and there can be no universal mortal mind or a supposititious false mind.
“Power belongeth unto God.” (Ps. 62:11) Spiritual Power or Light is the Illumination of the one Mind, which outlines neither method or system, nor places a distance between the Real and an unreal. Spirit, God, is an Entirety without an opposite; and there can be no human mind or human will; no sub-conscious mind, personal consciousness or aggressive mental suggestion. Since God is the ONLY Mind, there is no personal mind which needs to defend itself from another mind.
Again and again, let one know and say that One Mind exists only, and is present now. Let him not contradict this Reality. When we actually believe in the Absolute Message we will not believe we are human being, a mortal, or a human mind. The Mind which was in Christ Jesus is now in us. This is indeed the meaning of the new birth—that we accept the One pure and perfect self as our only Self, here and now, surrendering all contrary beliefs and teachings.