Chapter 19 Our Peace, Security And Safety

Chapter 19
Our Peace, Security and Safety
Lesson No. 23
April 2, 1948
Lillian DeWaters


Beyond any other longing, and more than all else in life, do you want to experience spiritual Illumination, here and now? If so, then deeply and profoundly consider the infinitely momentous fact, as follows: since spiritual Mind is the single Identity that is conscious, and since spiritual Mind is all that is aware of spiritual Verities, then an elucidation of Infinite spiritual Mind as The Fullness Of All can bring Light and Understanding exceeding anything you may yet see or know.
It is often asked, “ Is it possible for us to be the spiritual self now?” We are always this Self. GOD-SELF is the only Self there is, God-Self is God-Mind; thus we are God-Mind—never have we been otherwise. One Infinite Spirit, Mind is omnipresent Perfection and Completeness as Unity, wherein we function from the basis of the one single Whole.
For instance, the fact that the earth is round was inspirationally revealed. Then it was known that there is no flat earth—no one ever saw it or lived in it—earth has always been round. In exactly the same way, the truth that Existence is spiritual is inspirationally revealed. Then we know that there is no human existence—no one ever saw it or lived in it—Existence has always been Spiritual. Any effort or labor to apply the unlimited resources of the round earth to limitations of a flat earth would be utterly fantastic and impossible. Exactly so must we regard any teaching which authorizes the application of spiritual Mind, thought and Existence to human mind, thought and existence. One single Infinite Mind is one single Infinite Existence.
Dear Reader, we are not learning about Truth in a material existence, we are receiving Revelation of Truth in spiritual Existence. We are not advancing from sense to Soul, from evil to good, from sleep to awakening, from imperfection to perfection, from darkness to light, from mortality to Immortality! We are Truth and Reality right here and now.
Let him who would experience spiritual Illumination in the here and now cast away a divided viewpoint. Let him accept ONE MIND, ONE Consciousness, ONE Manifestation and ONE World only. Then he will know the meaning of seven wonderful words, as follows: ONENESS, ALLNESS, ISNESS, COMPLETENESS, PERFECTION, I AM. To know that God-Mind is our Nature and Being, Reality and entire Existence, is both Knowledge and Realization.
Not for a instant is our spiritual Mind conscious of anything but Its perfect Selfhood. Mind’s perfect Awareness and Manifestation is THE FULLNESS OF ALL. It is not possible for Mind as us or we as Mind to be other than the one Life. There is no beginning of Life. There is no evolution of Life. There is no reincarnation of Life. There is no progression, growth, separation or end of Life. Life is spiritual, never in part, nor is It seeing in part. Its awareness of Itself as the spiritual Whole of Being—incomparable and unequalled—constitutes Its World of Formation or Manifestation. That is, spiritual Formation or Manifestation is the concrete evidence or identification of Mind’s awareness of Itself as Totality and Universality.
“Whom say ye that I AM?” (Mat. 16:15) Identification is the illumined Way. What does Identification mean? It means this: whom are you calling yourself? For instance, let each answer these questions for himself: Do I believe my being to be God or a man? What mind do I say I am—the Mind of God or of the mind of a man? Am I believing in the existence of two minds, two worlds—or—am I accepting one single Mind to be the only Mind there is—the whole of Life, Being and Existence—verily, the All of me, and the All of ALL?
If one discovers that he is believing in a mind of his own, even watching his thoughts, then let him see that it is impossible for him to have a mind, a being or a world of his own—utterly and absolutely impossible! He must not believe in minds many, he must not think or speak of minds many or minds human. He must believe in God-Mind only. This belief will then expand into love for the Real and True, and this love will expand into spiritual Illumination, which alone can convince him that perfect God-Mind is his only Mind—the one and only Mind there is.
Why talk about the Allness of God, or declare God to be Infinite Spirit or Mind, if one is believed and assuming that he and everyone else has a mind of his own? Since God-Mind alone knows what Truth is, then how does one hope to know Truth, and enjoy the spiritual World, unless he is accepting God-Mind to be his only Mind, and God-World, his only World? Intense, all-absorbing Love and unquenchable longing for the Absolute Truth of Life, of God and of himself, will inevitably bring the sublime Revelation that not only is his Mind God-Mind, but his Awareness, his Body and his whole world is Consciousness Itself.
Since spiritual Mind cannot be divided into portions, and since we can be spiritually conscious and aware, we are spiritual Mind. We are not ideas of Mind, nor are we ideas in Mind—we are God-Mind. This Mind is a solitary Whole, indivisible and without a second. It is Consciousness, It is Manifestation, operating as a Unit, always here, always now, always I AM—throughout Its boundless, spaceless, timeless Self and Being.
Everyone and everything is the Indivisible, Inseparable Whole. Mind is awareness, Awareness is Mind. Mind is Manifestation, and Manifestation is Mind. One is All, All is One. The Self as us and we as the Self is One Mind , One Activity, One Manifestation—THE FULLNESS OF ALL.
As the Self or the one Mind, we do not refer to another self or another mind. We do not refer to another world of sin and separateness. Freedom therefore is where we experience the spiritual World of Peace, Harmony and Happiness.
“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the sun…whatever God doeth, it shall be forever; nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it…that which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been.”(Ecc. 1:9; 3:14,15) The One-Self is us; we are the One-Self. Its spiritual Forms or Identifications are the very basis of our Existence, absolutely and eternally established—irrevocable, unalterable, infallible, changeless.
There are no results to be brought forth. Our consciousness of Spirit constitutes our spiritual World. As long as one talks about a perfect Mind and World existing somewhere else besides in the here and now, and considers that he has a mind and thought of his own, and that he lives now in a material existence, he must continue his labor and struggle to attain the impossible.
When one is willing to abandon double-mindedness, and accept one Mind and one World to be the alone, he will see that never has there been a personal or second mind; never has there been a dual existence. The Perfect Universal Self and World has always been the solitary One.
“From of old I Am God, and from henceforth the same; none can snatch out of My hand, and what I do none can reverse…I am the First and I am the Last…”Tis I the Eternal who call you by name. I am the Eternal, there is no one else…God is among you only, beside Him there is no God at all…This is the Message of the Eternal, the true God, I AM the Eternal, there is none beside Me.” (Isaiah, chapters 43-45—Moffatt)
Only as the one Mind can we find and know the Truth of Being. That is, in no way other than as the Mind of God can we realize and enjoy Perfection and Completeness. How can we expect to see Harmony and Peace in our world unless we are looking with lighted Consciousness? As Mind we are exalted, and in our Illumination we see and know spiritual Existence as It is.
There is no mind within a body; nor is there a world underlying another world. There is not a real Existence and also an unreal one: nor is there a supposititious opposite of the One. Reader, have just one Mind, one Manifestation, one World, for there is just One.
If you find any difficulty in knowing this Reality, then turn your attention back to yourself. If you are not satisfied in yourself that perfect Mind and perfect Body is what you are knowing and seeing, whether for yourself or for another, then surrender yourself more utterly to God. Truth will surely be revealed to you in a more vivid and absolute way. Loving God with full devotion—above and beyond any other love, and any other affection—you will find it easy to see that spiritual Existence is ever perfect and complete, and It constitutes the Self and Body of all.
When one has put aside the sense of dualism—the belief that God is one Mind and himself another—and accepts Oneness, Allness, Isness, I AM —he can truthfully say, “God is all there is of me.” He knows the single One to be all there is of everyone and everything. He knows the Real Self to be the only Self, the Real Self to be the only “I.”
Think not of life as containing various progressive realms, modes, cycles and planes. Life is Spirit, Mind, changeless, invariable, unconditioned. For instance, if you will recall an Illumination or Revelation which you have experienced, you will remember that you were conscious or aware only of what you were thinking, hearing and feeling as the one Self Itself. You may have heard a Voice, either silently or audibly speaking to you, in certain unforgettable words or sentences, yet even while these words were being directed to you, and heard by you, you knew even then that the Voice, the words, the whole experience was One—you were this One.


The significance of the word Spirit is so vast and momentous as to be unequaled. Spirit is Completeness without limit, Perfection without variableness, Purity without sin, Oneness without personality, Wholeness without suffering, and Allness without a mythical second.
Spirit is a Substance which is everlasting Life, omniscient Mind, immutable Form. Webster defines spirit as “an independent type of existence.” Yes –Spirit is Self-Existence—Infinite Self hood known and understood as I AM THAT I AM. It includes Infinite perfect Mind and Infinite perfect World, wherein peace, harmony and glory perpetually reign.
Spirit is Infinite Substance which is undimensional. It is Boundless, Omnipotency, Perfection and Completeness in Itself. It is the Immeasureable. Timeless—it is Eternity. Spaceless—it is the Illimitable. Spirit is total Existence in Itself. We can see the sun by its own light only; likewise, we can know Spirit by no other knowledge than Its own. This knowledge is a spiritual, inner Light called Quickening, Inspiration, Revelation. “In Thy Light shall we see Light.” (Ps. 36:9)
When one has a faith and a love for the real and the true, born of Inspiration, and feels an all-transcendent desire to accept spiritual Light only, he turns from systems and methods which would identify him with a mind, body and existence other than that of The One. Reaching out to That which is independent of all systems, that which is unrelated, unconditioned, spontaneously he comes face to face with Spirit as an Infinite sea of Being—All–emcompassing, All-comprehending, All-fulfilling. Bathed in ineffable Love, Peace and Glory, he knows perfect Mind and perfect Manifestation to be the Infinite, indivisible I Am—incorruptible, unassailable, undimensional.
“The honeycomb is sweet to thy taste: so shall the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul.” (Prov. 24:13,14) We know the sweetness of honey only by tasting honey, even so, we know the nature of Spirit only by directly experiencing Spirit, an experience which is altogether glorious, actual, vivid—ineffaceable. “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea sweeter than honey to my mouth.” (Ps. 119:103)
Let one ask himself this question: Do I desire spiritual Light more than all else, and am I willing to meet its requirements now—or—not? In the presence of the Eternal One, let him give his answer. Comparatively few reach for Spirit and Its sublime Revelations. All who do, gloriously experience its Omniscience and Omnipotence. Sudden, unexpected, It comes; then it is gone. What it has revealed to us remains permanent and eternal. It matters not whether we are quiet and alone, busily engaged in some activity, or moving in the midst of a crowd. We may hear It as an audible Voice or as a silent one. Its manner of visitation is as Infinite in expression as the waves of the sea.
On such occasions we are Joy and Ecstacy beyond description. Without taking thought of loving, we are Love Itself. Without effort to know, we are the All-Knowing. Insensible to ears and eyes, we hear and see unspeakable things. We are Self-complete. We are Self-contained. We are Spirit, experiencing ourselves to be all there is of us and of our World. Those reading these lines who have themselves experienced the Allness of Spirit, understand what is written. They who have not yet tasted and felt the Life Divine, need only to release themselves more fully from belief in a personal sense. Then they, too, will know.
What a fabulous wealth lies in the Wisdom and Knowledge of God! Hunger not, nor thirst, for the healing of a body or the regeneration of a mind which has no more existence than had a flat earth. Hunger and thirst for spiritual Light and Revelation. Herein are both perfect Mind and Perfect Body—Spiritual and Eternal. If he accepts the mistaken belief that mind and body are personal and human, and that the world is material, one is depriving himself of the profound Knowledge and Revelation that Mind, Body, World, have always been Spirit.
Why believe in that which is not Truth? Set the heart on That which is eternally existent in Itself. Whatever is established in Being is likewise established in Manifestation, as declared in the following words: “Known unto God are all his works.” (Acts 15:18) “Thy works were finished from the foundation of the world.” (Heb. 4:3) Believe in spiritual Reality to include Mind, Activity and Manifestation, existing right in the here and now. The immediate loss of the sense of duality, of separateness and personality, as well as the loss of the sense of sin, sickness, sorrow and limitation, are characteristics of spiritual Illumination, sometimes called Cosmic Consciousness.
In Spirit there is no bondage, struggle or warfare; no sin or separation; nothing human, material or mental. Spirit reveals there are not two of us; one: God, who is Perfection; and two: another self which lacks everything. Spirit reveals Itself to be the only Self there is—my Self, your Self, our Self—the Totality of Being and Manifestation. To be born of the Spirit means to have had the luminous and imperishable Revelation that Spirit is the Totality of Love, Peace and Happiness.
One’s understanding of the earth would not be intelligible if he said that there was no reality to a flat earth, that a flat earth was a false belief or illusion. His understanding is only sound when he says that the earth is round, never has there been a flat earth. Similarly with one’s understanding of Existence. His understanding is not pure if he says that material mind and body are temporal, that evil has no reality. His understanding is Spiritual only when he can say, “Spirit is All; there can be none else.”


What has infinite divine Mind to do with human logic and its conglomeration of thinking? Nothing. What relation exists between infinite divine Mind and a personal thinker? None. Divine Mind knows neither logic, scientific thinking or a personal thinker. Divine Mind contains no project, plan, programme, doctrine, procedure, rule, system or method wherewith to bring changes into human minds, thoughts, bodies, conditions or affairs.
If one accepted human thought to be the power or activity of Truth, and if one could manipulate or change thought—control, direct, reverse or revolutionize it—this would definitely characterize thought as mutable, unstable, unreliable. Such a system., principle or practice as this altogether dualistic and wrong.
This profound insight introduces a momentous and arresting question as follows: what is the activity of Mind? The activity of divine Mind is spiritual Knowing or Awareness—ever intact and present. When this eternal Fact is spiritually discerned, then systems of healing based upon a change in human thinking will no longer have adherents or followers.
Reader, from this day forth be certain of this: spiritual activity belongs to God! When you accept divine Mind to be your Mind, simultaneously you accept Divine thinking to be your thinking. Attempt not to watch, guard, master or redeem your thinking. Thoughts of divine Mind are naturally pure. Never could they be manipulated or changed. Thoughts of divine Mind cannot be used or practiced.
Practicing a scientific manner of thinking (as though thought could be used to heal or to destroy something) has no part in the immaculate Understanding that divine Mind and Thinking is—One. Reality of perfect Thought is ever in operation. (Isaiah 55:8,9; Luke 12:22-24) The thinking of divine Mind is Mind Itself, ever aware of Its Perfection, Love, Peace and Harmony to be eternally present—not subject to loss or change. Infinite Mind and Its Infinite Knowing constitutes the only Mind and Knowing there is.
Never can there be a Principle and practice. Since Manifestation is already Perfect and Everpresent, to what could Principle be applied? upon what could it be practiced? Principle or Truth does not attempt to prove anything or to heal anyone. Truth is divine Mind knowing Its action to be the only action there is. Thinking, Awareness, Consciousness, are synonymous terms, expressing the Activity of the one spiritual Mind. Such terms as Formation, Manifestation, Body, express the visible Identification of Mind.
Dear Reader, we find The Kingdom Of God in a way that is altogether laborless—without system, doctrine or method. The Way is our spiritual LOVE. Our inspired Love for that which is finished and perfect in Itself, for that which our heart tells us must be Unrelated and Unconditioned—Self-existent and Self-perpetuated—draws us to It, and It to us. “And they shall be all taught of God.” (John 6:45)
In order to experience the spiritual Self, dismiss the feeling that there is work to be done or something to be accomplished mentally. Believing in spiritual Mind and Manifestation as changelessly established, and changelessly present, one will inevitable become aware that there it is here and now his very Self and Being. He will know that there is no physical time, place or condition; nor is there anything mental. He will be able to identify himself as the spiritual Self Itself, and so will experience the Peace, Joy and Happiness of Real Being.
We worship the Self which is our Eternal Being. We acknowledge this spiritual Self as all there is of us and of our world. We declare what we have experience as the Self. We say, ”I have felt my own Being, I have heard, I have known, I have experienced it. I know my Self, my Being, my Body to be utterly and wholly Spirit—tangible and real. Nothing but Truth has Existence, nothing but Truth is present. Wait not for thoughts to be corrected, dreams to pass, laws to be annulled or perfection to be brought to pass. Reality never changes. See and believe in Reality as it is.
Half-truths have brought their measure of help in sickness, sorrow and limitation; but none of them can establish a personal mind free from fear or a body immune to sickness. None of them is the Perfect Way. None of them can say, “Without change of place or time, without healing, without birth or death, I am the perfect spiritual Self and Existence.
Knowledge gained through spiritual Revelation proves conclusively that Life, Mind, Being, Body, is Spirit—not a man. Be absolute in your love for Reality. It is true devotion that brings us the Revelation of Truth and Reality. They whose life is God have Eternal Existence.
Spiritual Realization is our awareness of Spirit as our Perfect Self, Mind and Formation, beside which there is none else. “Rely with all your heart on the Eternal…have Mind of Him wherever you go.” (Prov. 3:5,6—Moffatt). Acknowledge Spirit-Mind to be your only Mind and Consciousness. Acknowledge there is no other! Acknowledge spiritual Forms to be Mind-forms, the concrete Verities of Being. Acknowledge there are no other forms. In Truth there is no bondage; therefore be not in bondage to that which is not Truth.
Would you consider healing the limitation of a flat earth? Certainly not. Then why consider healing the limitation of a mortal existence? Why speculate about the healing of thoughts, the changing of minds, the overcoming of conditions? Why reason about healing or destroying anything? God remains All there is.
Accept not the statement that right where the flat earth appeared to be, there was the round earth. No! A flat earth never appeared. Dear One: come to God as the only Mind there is. This Mind can and will reveal to you that THERE IS NO EXISTENCE BUT THAT OF REALITY AND TRUTH. Truth is Eternal without evolution. Reality is present without demonstration. Never has there been other or more than the spiritual single Whole of Being and of Existence.
Questions may be asked such as the following: “How can I stop thinking about myself—about my fear, pain and worry? What shall now take the place of daily mental work? How is one to realize the Truth that there is no mind beside the perfect infinite Mind?” Begin by loving God with all your heart, knowing God is with you as all there is of you. It is simple to see that of yourself as a personal thinker you can never do anything—for God has already done all. Believe, then, that the only Mind, Self or Being, is Perfection Itself.
Ask and answer your own questions, such as: “Is divine Mind conscious of pain, fear and worry?” If from your state of purity you can answer, “No,” then sink deeper into your own Being, and ask the further crucial question, “Is there any other mind?” If you can still give the same answer, with equal depth of fervor, and with spiritual certainty, the quickening Spirit will be felt. You will be at peace with yourself and with your world.
Divine Mind is always conscious of the Real and the Eternal as present, since it is ever the All-in-All. In knowing the truth of divine Mind and Its all-inclusiveness, you are this Mind Itself.
You should understand at the outset that you are not attempting to heal anyone or anything. You are simply to discover in a wonderful way that PERFECTION is all there is of anyone. You know that divine Mind is not in pain; It has no disease: It is not afraid or worried. You know that your Body is this very Mind, your Body is Spirit; and that there is no other mind and no other body. The one Mind and Body is always Wholeness and Harmony. Moreover, you know this Being to be the whole of “you” or “him” or “her.”
It can now be clear as crystal to you that there is no other mind to think or to fell anything. As you perceive this to be the spiritual fact and actuality, you are bound to feel spiritual exaltation and peace. Stronger will be your faith, and purer your love. You will know for a certainty that there is no one and no thing to be healed; that there is no mind seeing or believing there is: there is not anything besides Reality and Truth. You will know that there is no power but God, and that God knows each and all to be Himself.
When we accept the one Mind to be our only Mind, we leave all ways to heal, to translate or to destroy anything. The true Way is not one of healing. The true Way is the Way of spiritual Light, wherein we know spiritual perfect Mind, Consciousness and Form to be our only Mind, Consciousness and Form—present here and now. It is indeed our entire Peace, Safety and Security.
Do not state that there is one Mind, and then think and talk as though you believe in other minds as well. Do not listen to those who teach there are human minds to be put off or to be spiritualized. Never believe in an adversary, devil or mortal mind. Is there any such entity? No, there is not! “Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the Lord he is God in the heaven above, and upon the earth beneath; there is none else.” (Deut. 4:39) “That all the people of the earth may know that the Lord is God, and that there is none else.” (1Kings 8:60)
Our worlds of spiritual Consciousness constitutes our world of Peace, Harmony and Safety; for our spiritual Consciousness is spiritual Mind and spiritual Form or Body as the ALL of the Infinite. This Mind and this Body is present as our completeness right in the here and now. Nothing short of our actual experience of our spiritual Mind and our spiritual Body can ever satisfy us.
Can we reconcile the God of Perfection, Love and Purity with war, tribulation, suffering and death? We cannot. Can we reconcile Reality and Truth with fall of man, original sin, punishment and destruction? We cannot. Today, many are finding it impossible to reconcile some of the Bible and The Absolute Message. What has duality, mortality, humanity and double-mindedness to do with One spiritual, perfect Mind, Life and Manifestation? Nothing. Infinite perfect Mind could never predict or prophesy war, fear or tribulation. Infinite perfect Mind knows Itself to be the alone.
Why cannot war get rid of war, healing get rid of sickness and repentance wipe out sin? That which has no existence in God cannot be healed, handled, defeated or wiped out. Already, it is non-existence.
Some of the first chapter of Genesis and a few verses of the second present one Mind, one Power, and one Manifestation. Then we read of a human being, a human mind and thinking; temptation, sin, curse, warfare, murder, mortality, death. Never could the Mind of God inspire this record. If the story of Adam and Eve is accepted as a myth—having no authenticity in history—then what about the rest of the characters whose genealogies are all traced directly to Adam by the Bible itself? Fables and genealogies are unprofitable and vain. (ITimothy 1:4; Titus 3:9)
How much longer will Christian nations continue to depend upon the records of those who lived thousands of years ago, instead of learning what is Truth from God direct today? Is not God Real and Present right here and now today? Can He not reveal perfect Knowledge to us today? He can! He does! Eternal Mind ever exists in our own hearts, independent of books.
Today, as always, the Voice of the Eternal speaks, declaring Existence to be wholly spiritual—naught else. No one need attempt to save humanity or save the world. Illumined by Spirit, we know that we are Spirit. We know that never have we existed as personal human being. We know there is no departure from or translation into Spirit. We know there are not two worlds, there are not two sets of senses, nor do we have two bodies.
The story of the prodigal son portrays just this: there never was a prodigal son. We never left the perfect World. We are not in a material world now. To experience this fact as the eternal reality, we must love It above all else. Our experience as spiritual Mind and spiritual Body is our new haven and new earth of eternal Peace, Safety and Security.
Our ability to realize our Mind and our Body as Spirit is with us, as our spiritual Light and Glory, when we relinquish our belief that our mind and body are material or human. As divine Mind, we can know of nothing but divine Mind.
What is our relation of God, the Self? We are Spirit, the one and only Selfhood. Do not separate yourself from God, calling God by one name and yourself by another. Give up belief in human being, human progress. Believe in the expansion of spiritual Light and Revelation. Let go belief in personality; be unattached. Brood not over the past. All that is, is eternally Present. No one was ever bound; none was ever set free. There is one Being only—Spirit, the Selfhood of all. There is no being to be appeased.
Self, God, Spirit, Consciousness, are synonymous terms. That which is infinite must be only One. It must be pure, It must be Perfect, It must be Indivisible. To know this Truth, we must be this Truth; and to be this Truth, we must know this Truth. God never revealed all the Truth to anyone—that everyone must obtain the Truth from him or her. Everyone can and must realize the Truth for himself or herself. We can not know of God and Reality until we do so.
Wholeness has never left us—never changed nor been changed. Supply of all that is pure and perfect is right within our own Being always. Eternal and Everlasting, it ever abides exactly where we are. It must be sought and found by the heart’s purest love and deepest devotion. Not only is Spirit the substance of our Mind, and of our Awareness, but Spirit is also the substance of our Body, and of our World. Therefore we must see Mind, Body and World as the same pure and perfect substance—Spirit.
A far greater glory is ours when we give up attaching personalities to Bible characters, and see spiritual things spiritually. Finally it is revealed to us that Lord, Messiah, Immanuel, Christ, have one meaning—Cosmic Consciousness. When one has tasted the bliss of Cosmic Consciousness, he is ready to give up all for it. Jesus called such experience “the Holy Ghost;” Paul called it “Christ.” All of Jesus’ parables referring to the Kingdom of Heaven signify it as Consciousness, which is Mind, Body and World. Here we are “a new Creature” and we live in “the city of God.”
Cosmic Consciousness begins with one’s acceptence of divine mind as his Mind, and his relinquishment of belief that there is any mind beside this One. His knowing and realizing will then be that of his Mind. Then there comes to him the sublime Vision and Awareness that his Body, too, is Spirit. Instead of giving further attention to non-essentials, he now reaches out for Life which is Everlasting and Present, and for Existence which is spiritual NOW.
Cosmic Consciousness is prolonged Illumination—an experience of Infinity. We experience Light and Joy unspeakable, a wordless Glory—ineffaceable. At such times we may experience our Body as weightless, undimensional. What prompts such an experience or what makes it possible? The answer is this: our surrender of the belief and teaching that we are human, and that our body is human or material. Light springs spontaneously form the heart which makes this surrender—for this heart is set upon God as one’s complete Perfection here and now. Until one tastes of Spirit through inner Light, he knows it not.
The Unity of all cannot be brought about through union of minds or races, but only through awareness of one Mind and Spirit as All. In Spirit the Whole is present everywhere, the Whole is everyone. We contain all things in our Self. Purity of heart and vision leads the way.
In Cosmic Consciousness all are free and equal. This is our Glory without end. The sun shall no more be our light by day, nor shall the moon shed light on us. Our unending Light shall be our Eternal Peace, Safety and Security.