Chapter 21 Our Perfect Body and World

Chapter 21

Our Perfect Body And World

Lesson No.25
December 1, 1949
Lillian DeWaters

A Marvelously Enlightening and authoritative statement of the Upanishadic Lore reads as follows: “The eye with which we are seeing God must be the same eye with which God is seeing us.” Reader, have you ever considered how God is seeing us? You may have given much thought to the way you are seeing God, but have you paused to contemplate how God is seeing you? Study the quotation carefully, and you will discern it to mean that we are seeing truly only when we are seeing through the Eye of God; and that not until we see ourself as God is seeing us are we seeing and knowing ourself aright. Surely, nothing could be truer than this.
Are you willing to discover now, for yourself, how God is seeing you, that you will know for a certainty how you also should see yourself? To do so, you need only answer a few question set before you. Face these questions, one by one, and let the answers come straight from the heart. Here are the questions: Is Spirit, God, seeing us as human, mortal or material life and being? Does God-Mind see us as another mind? Does the divine Eye see us living in a temporal material world, in need of demonstration, healing, translation or reinstatement?
The pure in heart know, and will declare, that the One can see the One alone; that for us to see and understand as God sees and understands we must see by divine Mind; and that this is the perfect Way. To see as God sees may come as a new and startling idea, yet in no other way can we know the Truth of ourself, body and world.
Does the spiritual Eye see or tell of a world of illusion; a fallen state of being; war, doom, destruction, death? The answer is –No. The teaching or belief, therefore, which would identify us as mortals, with human minds, living here and now in a human state of existence, is not the sight of that Eye. The only reason that one believes we are mortals and that we must improve our material beliefs and emerge from matter into Spirit, is that he or she has not yet seen by the Eye of God, that One Being, One Mind, One Universe exist alone; that this One was never separated; that no other beings or lives were formed, made or created; and that no adversary, enemy, devil or power can be. Seeing as the divine Eye, we know—I AM THE ETERNAL, THE TRUE GOD; that, that IS MY NAME; I yield MY GLORY TO NONE OTHER.” (Isaiah 42:8—Moffatt)
Teachings and beliefs, therefore, predicted upon the doctrine of a mortal, human state of being existing here and now, will become useless and will pass away; but of the Absolute Knowledge that One alone exists, the pure, perfect, unchangeable Reality, which has no becoming, and no second, there shall be no end.
Quoting again from the Upanishads: “The whole world is Spirit; there is nothing else in Reality. Betake thyself to this view of things, and rest in peace.”…”Thou canst not see Me with thy two outer eyes; I have given thee an Eye divine.” Two outer eyes apply to the viewpoint which, looking away from the One as the Alone and All, see and call things which are not, as though they were; thus, the constant use of double talk. The Truth is self-evident, that “if thine eye be single (perceive the One alone) thy whole body (and world) shall be full of Light.” (Mat. 6:22)
The Universe of spiritual Realization is indeed our perfect World. We are not old, we are not young, we are not middle-aged. We are pure Spirit—without birth, beginning or end. Since the spiritual World is our own pure Consciousness, we must therefore see the perfect World from within. I know I Am. I Am all time—eternity. I Am all place—omnipresence. I Am Purity. I Am Perfection. I Am neither a spiritual man, a human man, a perfect or an imperfect man. I Am not image , idea or reflection. I Am not within Being nor is Being within Me, as one within another. I, the Infinite One, Am the whole of each and all. I Am I—eternally.
Vanity, rebellion, unforgiveness, deceit or stubbornness are as naught when one’s whole desire is to love and please God. He will be rewarded by the sweet whisperings of Spirit and the soft shining of Light upon his way. He will pass from Vision to Vision, and from Light to Light more effulgent.
The “cross” should not be interpreted to mean suffering, for Spirit is Harmony; and there can be no suffering. The “cross” symbolizes the pivotal prerequisite—the losing of one’s belief that he is human or material to find his life as Spirit. (Luke 17:33) “Resurrection” is our abolition of the belief and teaching that we are mankind, mortals or humanity; and our acceptance of the Revelation that the One perfect Self has always been the One perfect Self—unconditional and Eternal.
The Holy Ghost and Its Baptism is the Spirit of divine Inspiration, continually revealing spiritual things to us spiritually—giving us Understanding and great Joy. To receive this greatest of all gifts—Illumination or Revelation—one must first be ready and willing to abolish the teaching of duality, and accept the One “I,” “Mind” and “Being” as the Alone. He must accept and identify the One as the Whole of him, and cease believing in himself as a mortal being with a human mind. Since the divine Mind is the one and only Mind, then not until he accepts this Mind to be his Mind can he receive Light and Illumination.
How small the price exacted that the Mind of heavenly Light be revealed unto us! We know now that there is no devil, error or mortal mind in the Infinitude of God’s Universe; no hell, no deceiver or adversary. Our divine love and devotion to God will not permit us to accept doctrines and teachings which would associate us with duality, thus turning us away from God, the One. Whatever conflict there is, it is not between God and a devil or between Truth and error; it is in ourselves if we accept duality instead of Oneness.
Questions are asked, How can I overcome fear? How can I realize Truth? How can I find a home or experience harmony and abundance? Identified as a human being, one cannot know the Way. Accepting the general teaching that you are man or a human being, an idea or reflection, you can do nothing. Only as the divine Mind can you see that in this Consciousness everything is perfect and complete; and not anything human, mortal or material can be present. You need not attempt to prove anything, rather it is that God is proving you. Never try to master any thought or thing. There is but One—not two. Even though one believes in falsity, he can never make falsity exist. Truth is the One Existence; Truth never stops existing.
Divine Mind cannot feel pain, sickness or lack. There is no other mind to be conscious of anything. This is the Truth to be known. In this Knowledge is our Freedom, even as it is written: “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”(John 8:32) this does not mean that sickness, discord or limitation shall be healed, for how could that which does not exist be healed? It means that accepting the one Mind as your Mind now, your experience will be that of this Mind—the Voice Of Revelation.
The Message of the Absolute that we are Spirit is not a doctrine, religion or creed. It is Absolute Truth Itself. The perfect Word has always been the same—Spirit is All; Spirit is unseparated Being; we are Spirit.
Amazing and stupendous facts have been commonly known to many through their own experience in Cosmic Light. Among these facts are the following: knowledge of our exemption from sin; our exemption from time, place, corporeality and dimension. In Its inimitable way, Revelation breaks away from the general teaching of a separation from God, and a creation of humanity.
The way to know, self-evidently, that we are the One unseparated Being now, is by the experience called Revelation or Cosmic Consciousness, which can truly be enjoyed if one is willing and ready to turn from teachings of duality to God alone. Everyone who has known direct Revelation has been keenly aware of being Spirit. Indeed, this is the crux of Revelation, the never dimming glory of every flash of Light. To hear the Voice, to be the One Self, even for a second, is to know that we have never been a human being.
These moments are our eternal delight. Our Knowledge is inherent and spontaneous. We are “in the secret place of the Most High.” (Psalms 91:1) “Tis I the Eternal who call you by name.” (Isaiah 45:3—Moffatt)
It is being asked, “In the Absolute Teaching, what is my relation to God? Can there be one God and many of us? What and where is individuality, that each of us is distinct from the other?” As an illustration which will prove of help, let us consider a tree and its manifold leaves. Of course, we must accept this tree as a spiritual tree—real and indivisible. What is the relation of a leaf of this tree to the tree itself? One’s first answer may be that it is one with the tree or that it is a part of the tree. These answers will not do; for a spiritual tree is not divisible into parts, nor is any of it one with the rest of it, as though there were two. It should be seen that the tree is a Whole throughout, that all of it is tree, thus no relationship is possible. The identity of each leaf is the tree itself. Whatever is true of the tree is true of the leaves, for the tree includes the leaves.
Spirit, God, is not divisible into many beings, even as a tree is not divisible into many leaves. Spirit includes its Forms which are Spirit—undimensional. The idea of our relationship to the One Selfhood is preposterous, and should no longer be tolerated. When perfect Vision arrives, imperfect teachings must go. It should be known universally, that whatever is included in Spirit IS Spirit. The teaching that God is not in man. That the greater cannot be put into the lesser, misses the mark of perfect Knowledge, which declares there are not two beings—God and man; there is one Being only—GOD. To be at all, we must be the One who is the indivisible Whole and All.
The fullness and allness of the Infinite One is the Identity and form called Mary or John. Therefore each must know herself or himself as unseparated Being, since this Being is the whole of everyone. It was seen that the tree and leaf are the same one, the tree; it should now be clear also that Spirit, Mary and John are one and identical; this One is Spirit. When someone states that he cannot understand how he can be Spirit, God, it is only because he has the mistaken sense that he is a human being. He will need to discard this belief before he can see and think as the one Mind, and know the Truth. It is certain that as the one Mind only can anyone understand Reality, and know that God is the whole of him.
Were it true that we are a man, mortal or human being, who must be changed, healed of sin and sickness, and overcome evil, we should need to continue with this practice forever, since that which is true is eternal. Whatever exists is everlasting existence, eternally manifest, eternally perfect, eternally present. The Principle of the Absolute is that the One Selfhood is unseparated Being and Consciousness; and that we are this One.
No two leaves of a tree are exactly alike, nor are two of anything identically the same. Infinite distinctiveness and variety abound throughout the indivisible, illimitable Whole. While each one has distinct perception and awareness, and there is infinite individuality, this individuality is not in us as separate beings but in God as the infinite, unseparated Whole. Each is Being as a Whole. There is no individual consciousness. There is Individual Consciousness only. As the One Consciousness, each knows the Truth.
If pain or sickness seems present, you can surely help yourself, and take care of everything, by seeing what is Real and True. You can do this through Self-inquiry and Self-perception. Ask and answer your own questions for instance. What body is it that is sick or in pain? Is it the spiritual Body? Is it a mortal body? Knowing the Truth in yourself, that the spiritual Body only exists, and that there is no mortal body, you will feel satisfied that the trouble has naught to do with body; and that a body which could feel pain does not exist.
Then question yourself further: what mind is feeling pain or discord? Is it divine Mind? You must give the true answer, knowing in your heart, as you should, that the one divine Mind alone exists, and that there is no other mind. You will now see clearly, that no consciousness exists to be conscious of pain or discord; that the One Infinite is present now; and that there is no other power or presence. Inevitably, you will feel the confidence, peace and freedom of Spirit. You will not only know the Truth, you will be the Truth.
Things which have formerly been difficult to comprehend, through the Eye of Spirit will be seen as clear as crystal. This Vision abolishes the teaching of a past history and a future eternity; cause and effect; materiality and mortality. Atomic Light, exploding myth and dogma, reveals the everlasting Truth that now are we Spirit, perfect Body and World. This Message is indeed the Voice of Revelation.