Chapter 22 Truth, The Bible and Metaphysics

Chapter 22
Truth, The Bible And Metaphysics
By Lillian DeWaters

The Belief and Teaching of human creation is sustained by religious myths. For the new Day we need a new Bible, which will reveal spiritual Existence to be all that has ever existed. Those who want absolute Truth alone, without an experience of warfare and suffering, should straightway give up their belief in creators and creations. The only effective Light shall be Knowledge which will explode the belief that we are created being, living in an objective world.
They who fear not to renounce the old myths—the creation of mortals, separation, sin, warfare and death—for the acceptance of the Truth of Life and Being as the uncreated Absolute—pure, changeless and without end—will understand the smashing of the atom to be the extinguishing of the belief in a world of matter, a world of birth, sin, warfare, punishment and death.
What has been called the great mystery shall pass away in atomic Light—the Revelation that Truth and Reality remain inviolate—without beginning, change or end; everpresent, pure, perfect and absolute. We shall be aware that the World of Reality is our own Spiritual Consciousness.
Perfect Knowledge shall continue to reveal everything as it is. Perfect forms shall be completely visible to us. It will be perceived by the single visioned, single-hearted, that there has been no created being, thing or world; that nothing ever existed but the Kingdom of beginningless Spiritual Consciousness.
It may be generally believed that the Bible relates the history of two creations; one, that of spiritual creation, wherein God created all forms of Reality; and a second, the creation of matter, sin and evil.
Fuller search, however, will reveal that the Bible chronicles five creations, each distinct and different, as follows: 1—the creation of man; male and female. “God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” (Gen.1:27) 2—the forming of man (Adam). “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” (Gen. 2:7) 3—the making of a woman (Eve). “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.” (Gen. 2:21-22) 4—the conception of Cain. “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.” (Gen. 4:1) 5—the conception of Jesus. “The angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.” (Mat.1:20)
Creation, sin, suffering, personal saviours, and atonement for sin are the theme of all religions. Reader, forgive yourself now, and forgive everyone now, by hearing and accepting the Voice of Revelation, saying, there is none above, none below, none against and none beside the beginningless infinite uncreated One. Continue not in the belief or teaching of God as uncreated Being and yourself as created being. There is none but “ME.” I AM THE ALL—perfect, glorious, absolute Being. I AM not other than Purity. I AM THE I AM, HERE and NOW.
The second stage of Greek philosophy began with Xenophanes, who was born in Asia Minor in 560 B.C. The foremost subject of his inquiry was God Himself, the “Supreme Intelligence.” He concluded that all things that exist are eternal and immutable, therefore without beginning. He declared God, who is perfect and the essence of all things, to be eternally one—immovable, all-powerful and all-pervading, but in no sense personal. He taught that God and the universe are synonymous; that the world could not exist without God, nor could God be separated from the world.
Parmenides, a pupil of Xenophanes, sought to realize Absolute Being, uncreate and unchangeable. He was the first Greek philosopher who made a clear distinction between relative knowledge and the higher Knowledge. He said that the Self is never born nor does it die. He declared: “What is, is uncreated and indestructible, alone, complete, immovable and without end. I shall not let thee say or think that it came from what is not; for it can neither be thought nor uttered that what is not, is.” Greek philosophers and Vedic sages believed in one Self, and that we are this Self.
Followers of Metaphysics are sincere when they state that they do not accept what they call the second creation, but believe in the first creation only. Then why do they believe they are mortals to be regenerated, with human minds to be improved; that the nature of evil is to be understood, and strict mental discipline followed?
Every teaching which sanctions these beliefs and theories is rooted, undeniably, in the belief of mortal creation. The Absolute Message alone discredits all creations, revealing One Infinite Uncreated Selfhood As The Only Presence.
When one knows the narrative of creations to be utterly without truth, he will cease to accept whatever doctrines stem from them. It can be said that religion is “ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. “(2Tim. 3:7) Not until religions perceive creations to be utterly without truth and sanity will they accept Spirit as Totality of Existence. Religion and Truth will then be one Truth in every heart.
Our Christ and Saviour is our everpresent spiritual Light and Revelation, revealing our perfect Self as our only Self, present always—our unending Light, unending Glory. What book shall reveal the stainless Highway? The Book of the Heart. Knowledge, which ever abides within, reveals the One I AM to be the whole and All of All. How obvious and certain the fact that not a single religion of today could ever become universal, since each and every one incorporates duality. The prophecy of Professor Burke concerning religion may well be considered.
“In contact with the flux of Cosmic Consciousness all religions known and named today will be melted down…Religion will not depend on tradition. It will not be believed and disbelieved. It will not be a part of life, belonging to certain hours, times, and occasions. It will not be in sacred books nor in the mouths of priests. It will not dwell in churches and meetings and forms and days. Its life will not be in prayers, hymns nor discourses. It will not depend on special revelations, on the words of gods who came down to teach, nor on any bible or bibles. It will have no mission to save men from their sins or to secure them entrance to heaven. It will not teach a future immortality nor future glories, for immortality and all glory will exist in the here and now. The evidence of immortality will live in every heart as sight in every eye.
“Doubt of God and of eternal life will be as impossible as is now doubt of existence; the evidence of each will be the same. Religion will govern every minute of every day of all life. Churches, priest, forms, creeds, prayer, all agents, all intermediaries between the individual man and God will be permanently replace by direct unmistakable intercourse. Sin will no longer exist nor will salvation be desired. Men will not worry about death or a future, about the kingdom of heaven…Each soul will feel and know itself to be immortal, will feel and know that the entire universe with all its good and with all its beauty is for it and belongs to it forever.
“Where is the deliverer, the Saviour? Who or what? The Saviour of man is Cosmic Consciousness…This consciousness shows the cosmos to consist not of dead matter governed by unconscious, rigid, and unintending law; it shows it on the contrary as entirely immaterial, entirely spiritual and entirely alive; it shows that death is an absurdity, that everyone and everything has eternal life; it shows that the universe is God and that God is the universe, and that no evil ever did or ever will enter into it.” (Cosmic Consciousness, pages 5, 6, 17)


Over a half-century ago a new Light called Metaphysics shone brightly over the world. Many witnessed its power over sickness, sin and disease. Metaphysics brought also a truer understanding of God than taught by other religions. It called God divine Mind and divine Love.
As the years passed, no further Light came out of Metaphysics than at first discovered. It was thought that Truth had been revealed, and now needed only to be practiced. Those of keener vision, however, began to see and question the contradictions and inconsistencies of the teaching. It became apparent that the instruction that we are mortals or humanity, each having to watch his own thoughts, be a law unto himself, overcome sickness, sin, and mortal mind, and be the arbiter of his own fate, could not possibly be reconciled with the Principle of one Mind and one Being as set forth in the teaching. It was evident that the continual consideration and discussion of two beings, two minds, two worlds and two sets of senses brought frustration and confusion of vision and tongues. Double-talk was inevitable.
Revelation identifies itself with no one exclusively. Revelation is as universal and omnipresent as God. Now, in the presence of a new Light, it is revealed that there is only on Mind and only one Being, that they are identical, and that there is no other. Sweeping aside teaching, system, rule and practice based upon the premise that God is Spirit and we are mortals, the Voice of Revelation proclaims we are what God is, right here and now; we are Spirit, the One Mind and Being!
Though the metaphysical idea of the elevation of a human mind, the raising of a human consciousness, and the translation of mortals into Spirit was a refreshing new idea when it was introduced, a greater Light now comes which will supplant it. To know, authoritatively, the true status of our Being, we must turn to the Book of Life itself—the Spirit of Truth within. Here it is revealed that One only exists, and not another; that the Truth of the one infinite must be the Truth of All. Our acceptance of Spirit as our Identity here and now is our only freedom from sorrow, tribulation, and death.
God is none other than the Self. It is impossible to find God outside ourself. The Spirit of Revelation is within, and not elsewhere. Turning away from that which is part Truth and part untruth we are alone with God as our only Mind and Being. Since we have never been able to reconcile God and sinful beings, God and warfare, God and devil, we make the great decision to accept God alone. We are gloriously satisfied.