Lillian DeWaters Biography

Lillian DeWaters, (1883-1964) an author of metaphysical books. Lillian DeWaters had written more than 40 books. Her publication had been printed in several languages and circulated in foreign countries as well in the United States. Lillian DeWaters had lectured, giving private instruction at her home and at the Hotel Astor, New York City. Lillian DeWaters was well known for her spiritual healing.
She taught that you are Perfect Now, and that you have all the gifts of God Now. As you read Lillian’s writing you will understand her transition. She writes about how she studied the Bible and Christian Science study for 2 years, and then the Light came and she understood. She shares her experience in The Voice Of Revelation of why she left Christian Science Church. She writes “I recall an early experience when I did not know my way out of a certain dilemma. I seemed to be in sudden great pain. Sitting alone, I wondered what to do about it. I began to ponder how I could feel pain if God is all, how I could even have a false belief; how pain could seem to be or I could in any way be connected with it. I could not deny that I was feeling pain, or could I reconcile pain with God; or did thought of another power beside God occur to me. In utter desperation and abandonment, I threw out my arms, calling to God aloud, “Which is true, God or pain?”
I remember how instant the answer—it seemed to come as I was still speaking. Louder than any thunder, came the vibrant, ringing words, “There is nothing true but Truth.” As certain as the Voice Itself, I knew, I understood, I was free—filled with an exquisite glory. The more I turned to God for my answers, the further I turned away from doctrines and practices which taught nothing of Self-Light and Self-Revelation, which to me was the most important thing of my whole life. Finally, I left organization, and soon afterwards—1924—I wrote my book, “The Finished Kingdom,”
Lillian DeWaters is a amazing woman, her ideas were quite radical at the time of publishing.
We will continue to share her writings, and personal story with you for your personal study.
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Reverend Gerrit and Cynthia Pool