Lesson 3-Transcendent Light

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Chapter 8

Lesson No.3 February 5, 1944

The Eternal Truth

It may be believed that Truth is a mental remedy or method of thinking to be used to control or govern human experience; and that it can be applied to the thoughts of individuals to heal diseases and remove discords. To nearly all, life is full of problems to be solved in one way or another.
It may seem perfectly satisfying to some just to be able to demonstrate health and harmony, and bring abundance into an experience which they consider human, temporal and transitory. Others, however, desire more than this. They have discovered that Life is not a problem to be solved through any form of demonstration, but a Reality to be known and experienced spiritually. Moreover, they know that there is but one World, the spiritual World of Truth and Reality.
It is sometimes said that the harder one tries to think Truth, and the more diligent and earnest his efforts to demonstrate over conditions, the worse they seem to be. The reason for this is that as soon as one attempts to apply Truth to his mind or thoughts, to his conditions or affairs, he departs from the factuality that Truth cannot be applied; for to what could Truth be applied when Truth is ALL?
Suppose it is said that, “I have a cold”…”I have a headache”…I have had a chronic physical condition for years.” Dear One, do such things exist anywhere? Has anything of the kind ever been in existence? Did any one ever have such a thing or could he have it? Direct questioning is arresting. It stops the clamor for healing. Ask yourself questions, and answer them. Do not say, “Of course, I know such things do not exist in Reality.” Is there more than Reality? Would you say that 4 and 4 are 9 cannot exist in reality but can exist in unreality? Surely, you can see the utter impossibility.
We do not reach Illumination or Revelation by greater and greater effort. Instead of continuing with mental argument or struggling further with thought, one should completely stop every mental practice and turn himself wholly to the One which is above, underneath and within. How instantly then he loses contact with time, condition, people thought and thing!
A new world stands before him. He is entranced. Drinking thirstily of its Love, beauty and wonder, laborlessly, rapturously, he accepts its changeless Peace, Joy and Perfection to be his own—Eternally.
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, the Realm of the Real, for here naught but Perfection abides. This is the laborless way by which one may leave undesirable conditions. This way is that of spiritual Consciousness wherein discordant conditions cannot exist. Disregard any teaching pertaining to individual consciousness, as it should now be clear that spiritual Consciousness is the only Consciousness there is.
Healing is never accomplished through any form of healing, though it may seem otherwise to those who consider body as objective. Reality is not divided into inner and outer, but is one complete infinitude of Being. Reality is Wholeness without any need of healing. Reality is present right here and now as Harmony, Peace, Love—I AM.
No words can adequately describe Reality. It is indescribable and immeasurable. Reality is the All of Being; and there is nothing else to live for.
As the truth of mathematics encompasses all there is of mathematics, so is it with Life—that is –the Truth of Life is all there is of Life. Wholeness and Harmony are its realities. Do not try to prove Truth, but just accept that it is always present. Any thing which seems to be, yet is not aligned with wholeness and harmony, is without substance or presence. Knowing our Being to be the One “I,” our Enlightenment is present.
That which is true is Truth, and Truth is all that exists, all that there is of anything. The things which are in and of Truth are all that have existence. Then we may well pause to question ourselves and to answer our own questions with Truth.
Can any mental work change the Changeless or destroy that which has no existence either in Truth or in falsity? Realization should be a simple Revelation, unmixed with toil, struggle, effort or argument. The true world of Being, and of things, is already established. Life is a present Reality to be experienced here and now.
“Forever, O lord, thy word is settled in Heaven.”(Psalms 119:89) it takes spiritual vision, faith and inspiration to be able to turn from a sense of an external world to the inner Light that the World of Reality is the only World.
The cry of today is for something that will bring results into human experience—end wars, put money into purses, health into bodies, and happiness into personal affairs. Such longings as these, however, proceed from the fallacious belief and teaching that each is a separate being, and that all live together in a world which is external. Accepting this wrong premise, one excludes oneself from seeing and experiencing the true World in which Wholeness and Happiness for ever abide.
The dogma that there is an external, objective world is a gross mistake. Release yourself altogether from it. Intuition and Revelation only can open to us the Realm of true Understanding and what it includes. This is the Consciousness called the “within.” It has been termed the Kingdom within; God within; the Father within; the Holy Ghost within; Christ within: I in you.
Reality can be known and experienced by the absolute turning to this Consciousness. Here we have the only World there is—the World of Life, Truth and Love, in which all things are seen as they truly are.
For want of a better word the term “within” is used in all the sacred writings. It serves to detach one abruptly and definitely from contemplating or giving attention to a world as external. Let us consider an example which will illustrate this fact, and serve to give a clear idea of just what is meant by the term “within.”
Think of simple, familiar things generally known and used everywhere in the world in an infinite variety of ways—specifically—the letters of the alphabet. The question is, where do we go to obtain these letters? We do not go anywhere; we make no gesture toward an external place or world. We turn within, we turn to our own Consciousness. Not only here we find the alphabet, but here also is where our health and wholeness abides, our happiness and prosperity. Even of greater importance, here is where we exist—our Mind, Body and World. Verily, it is this Consciousness that has been called the “within.”


Be not conformed to a material sense of things and thoughts: but be enlightened by finding and experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven within the heart. Reality cannot be created; nor can it be determined by thoughts, feeling or actions. Where then shall our hope rest or where shall we find that which is dependable and eternally certain? In that which is timeless, immeasurable and unconditioned—Heaven, our pure Consciousness.
To place health and wholeness in bodies, happiness in individuals, success in things, and understanding in thought and reason keeps one in perpetual search, struggle, effort and argument. When we turn to the World of Incorporeities as the only World there is, we experience Intuition and Illumination. We know the Truth without effort or strain. This is The Eternal Way.
That mind influences body or that body influences mind seems apparent only to those who look outside the Realm of the Real. Looking within, we find it so close that even our looking towards it brings the glorious experience of it. Our willingness to give up mental warfare with ourselves, and with a supposititious opposite, establishes the immediate recognition of the ALL-Presence of the One.
It has been said that the intellect is but a skeleton, but that to many the rattling of its bones is as sweet a language as the voice of Intuition. It does seem that many cannot discriminate between personal thoughts and thoughts of the divine Mind. On the other hand, it is certain that others are expanding rapidly in spiritual awareness, leaving mental-physics behind them; and reaching eagerly toward the Absolute Truth which alone satisfies and fulfills.
The World of Reality cannot be known in any way other than by spiritual Light and experience. It is well to remember this. For instance, just recently I sat down with pencil and paper to formulate some important ideas on a certain subject. There was a sense of hesitancy, as though I felt the subject required some particular thought. Scarcely had I started to write the first word when suddenly, a burst of words poured over me. Rapidly I wrote them down. When I had finished, it was as if the whole of Truth had revealed to me in a few sentences.
I had not sought this particular Illumination. It came to me entirely of Itself, and so was all the more marvelous and entrancing. And the theme? It was this: PERFECTION IS OUR BEING, AND OUR BEING IS PERFECTION. Always in illumination one loses sense of himself as an individuality, and experiences Reality as the One Being Itself.
One may have exerted great effort in his attempts to overcome some peculiar or undesirable trait, emotion or habit, and still be unsuccessful; yet when he gives his deepest and purest love to the Infinite One, suddenly, effortlessly, he is set free from his burden, whether it represents to him the physical, the mental or the emotional.
We must learn to depend upon our own Being for everything. It is the one Reality which includes ALL. Our thought, vision and activity are spontaneous and laborless as we function in Inspiration. When one imagines himself to be a man with mind, will and choice of his own, naturally he is limited in all directions.
In belief of duality one can never know Freedom, Wholeness or Completeness. Great is the mystery of Life as long as one regards himself to be dependent upon his own personal thinking. Inequality, injustice, incompleteness seem everywhere. Human existence is a paradox to those who believe in a human existence.
When we see things as they really are, we find that never have we been a creature called man, a mentality called mind or a body called matter. Experiencing Reality, we come to know things as they are; and we find the actuality of our Self to be the Way, Truth and Life.
In the Light of Reality, our whole World, radiant with Love and Beauty, has an entire new meaning and glory.


To experience perfect Mind, Body and World, we do not withdraw from one world to another. We no longer think of this world and that world. Our daily experience shall consist in our knowing that one World alone exists, and it is where we now are, for “I” and “World” are identical. There is none but “ME.” The perfect World is present now as our own spiritual Consciousness.
A human consciousness does not exist. Therefore it cannot be developed nor can it exist in states and stages. Having no existence, a human mind or consciousness cannot be illumined or unillumined; nor have a true sense or a false sense. All beliefs pertaining to another mind, consciousness or world besides the spiritual One must be forsaken, since Truth and Truth alone reigns.
It is often said, “I know the Truth, if only I could manifest it.” Truth IS Manifestation. Truth is not one thing, and manifestation another. There is no cause or effect in Truth. Truth is an Entire, an all-inclusive ALL-ness and I AM-ness. One cannot get rid of the belief and teaching of another mind, body and world as human and material until he is ready and willing to see and accept GOD as One without an opposite.
Spirit, Truth, can be known by the heart which sees that the belief in duality has no truth in it, and that the idea of duality is based wholly upon the belief in separation from God. Since we have not been separated from Spirit, we are not fallen beings or humanity. The Eternal Day, therefore, is this day, this Now and Here.
Through our deep, spiritual Love for the One as the Alone, Life ceases to be a mystery to us; we no longer consider it a problem to be solved, but a Reality to be experienced. We are joyous with new Joy, new Light and new Freedom.