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By Lillian De Waters, “Who Am I’ 1942 Content “Love”

How long the world has sought after true love! Yet true love shall be denied until one is aware of his real Identity, and functions herein.
For a lifetime, nearly all have lived and loved from the basis that one is man. However, none can arrive at perfect love from this mistaken viewpoint. Only to the extent that one places his affection upon Perfect Love as his only Identity and Being, shall he find true thought, true love and true living.
Every Illumined one has been the Love-Way unto himself. Inevitable everyone must be the same. Everyone must so love the Genuine, the Real and the True, that it will be easy and natural to leave the supposititious, the deceptive and unreal.
Therefore, whom shall on love first of all, and more than all else? Thou shalt love the Lord, thy Self: for the Lord is truly one’s very One. Without supreme and transcendent love for Oneself, how can one hope to ever entertain such love for his neighbor?
As the perfect One, the pure and perfect Consciousness, one’s thoughts are perfect; his desire and his love are perfect also. In fact, only as the One shall he ever be able to love perfectly and truly, and in such a way that never can there be any misunderstanding, dissatisfaction, separation or divorce.
Ever declares the Self—only My love is perfect; only My love is complete; only My love fully satisfies; only My love is without interruption, separation or misunderstanding of any kind. Let no one expect perfect love in any other way.
How hungry, how weary, how limited all are until they disentangle themselves from humanity, and claim the pure and perfect Consciousness to be theirs by divine right..
Only as the Real and the Perfect are all things possible. Only as the Truth and the Life shall perfect love, perfect happiness and perfect living be known and experienced.
Look not outside the Self for love, happiness or companionship. Nor consider perfect love as something you should seek to obtain in order to have and enjoy. Anything that one seeks desires or longs for, is based upon the false supposition that he is without it at the present time. This misconception prevents his awareness of it.
Let one learn that is Self-complete and Self-supplying. Let him recognize, claim and acknowledge his possessions of love and happiness to be present, intact and at hand, knowing that one answer alone will suffice, namely, Happiness is not in, of or from any God as outside or within, but inheres in one’s own Identity, as the indivisible, Universal One.
He who searches in quest of love and happiness, harmony and peace, finds endless searching. In fact, anything one does in the way of thinking, feeling or acting to become the Perfect, keeps him in ignorance and darkness.
Do you say that you know the Truth but you cannot prove it or bring it out in your experience? Is experience something other than the Truth? Is the Self one thing and experience another? Let go the belief, “I have not proven; I am not experiencing; I cannot demonstrate,” for the knowledge, “I and my experience are one; I Am Self-contained and Self-supplying.”
One need not go after anything; neither happiness nor wealth; neither love nor peace. Need one seek for that which he IS? Whatever it is he believes he needs, then let him understand, “I am It…I, the Self, have all.”
Love is not some mental or spiritual system of thought-taking whereby to produce certain desirable conditions in experience. No. One’s world is not separate from him-Self. Perfect and complete good, love, power and satisfaction can never be found anywhere except in one’s own Being. This therefore explains the statement… I am the Way.
Today, many look up, other, out, and still others, within, toward a being called Deity, divine Mind, the Christ. Earnestly they practice worship, right thinking, meditation. Indeed, how much time and effort are spent in such manner, instead of saying with Jesus— I myself am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Verily, the law of beseeching prayer, right thinking, union with Christ, is passed away in the enlightened Understanding that I AM the Perfect Self, here and now, and always.
Where is the Love which never faileth to satisfy, to understanding, to cherish, and to forever endure? Certainly not in personalities, human beings nor man. Love that is perfect, love that is complete, love that is pure and spotless, love that is imperishable and eternal, is none other than the one Selfhood of all.
The only reason why harmony, peace, happiness and every other form of good seem unstable, conditioned, impermanent and insecure, is because they are sought where they can not be found, that is, outside the Self; whereas Oneself contains and includes all…all…all.
Love is not conditioned by nor contingent upon anyone or anything. Neither is Love some specific form of thinking, living or doing. Love cannot be put on as one would select a new garment; nor is it to be thought of as barter, exchange, bargain, or some commercial enterprise.
Love is the Undefiled and Undefilable. Love is Prinicple, and Principle is Love. Love is Life, and Life is Love. Verily Love is I! And I AM LOVE!

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