The Answer

The Answer
By Lillian De Waters 1942, “Who Am I” content-The Answer
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Behold, it is I. I come to reveal Yourself To You; and to give you Understanding.
To you who are still seeking to find the end of seeking, I come. I Am here.
Today, many are wondering why they do not accomplish more through their study and prayer. Reader, are you one of these? Do you ever question, Why does not God, the Truth, heal me entirely? Why am I not quickly brought into prosperity and success? Why must I wait longer?
To you, I come, I am here; and My reward is with Me.
In the Book of Hosea, eleventh chapter, ninth verse, there is found a simple statement of tremendous import to all, a premise upon which to establish understanding, as upon a rock which is solid and sure; absolute and supreme.
Here, in this verse, is given the perfect Answer to the age-long question—“Who Am I?”
Listen! “I am God, and not man.” I am God, and not man!
When one is quickened to comprehend the depth and breadth of this statement, he has found the end of seeking and searching: he has come face to face with himself as he really is.
The question now is—Who or what is the “I” which is God, and not man?
If one believes this “I” to be located in the skies, he is deceived. Likewise, if he believes the “I” to be some Presence or Power outside or within himself, he is deceived. In any case, he is accepting the “I” to be one Identify, and himself another.
Verily, this is root of all sorrow, namely, the belief in two minds and two beings—God and man. Forever, the eternal Fact remains—I am God, and not man.
I—Who am I? The reason why one has not known the correct answer to this question sooner, and so found the true solution to the problem at hand, is because he ever thinks from the mistaken viewpoint that he is not the One Identity, not the One Life, not the One Being; but another being called man.
So long as one believes himself to be someone besides the “I,” never can he understand the Truth of Being.
Believing that he thinks, lives, moves and breathes, not as “I” the one Being, but as another, he is without Vision.
Since I Am Life, I Am Truth, and I Am All; and since “I am God, and not man,” then it necessarily follows that man is not Life, man is not Truth, man is not ”I.”
I—Who am I? I Am the Truth! I Am the Life! I Am the “I”—the only Me.
I—Who am I? I Am the First, and I Am the Last! I Am without a beginning or ending! There is none else!
Tragically enough, however, if one does not know and identify the “I” as the perfect Self, but with an assumed personality or mentality, he lives in mystification and ignorance. Assuming another identity, he becomes weak, sick, poor; and limited in every direction.
Moreover, his whole existence now becomes a search to find himself—to find Truth; to find love, peace and immortality. His one idea now is to become what he really is—to become strong and well, rich and prosperous, happy and satisfied.
Never, O never, can anyone truly realize his hope to be well and happy, prosperous and satisfied, so long as he identifies the “I” with anyone but Me.—the One Alone.
I—Who am I? I Am one’s real and only Identity. I Am one’s true and only Selfhood.
Behold, I who speak unto you Am the “I.”

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