by Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942
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The Bible gives the history of man-his beginning and end. Man is made of dust, and unto dust shall be return, even as the Bible states. Let this fact be clear and certain to you.
Deliverance from destruction is never promised man; in fact, plainly and precisely Christ Jesus foretold the calamities and desolations to befall those who persist in remaining identified with man. Yet, even to this day, full deliverance and lasting salvation is offered every one ready and willing to accept peace, security, wholeness and happiness in the Christ-Way—by understanding oneself to be Divine, and not human; God, and not man.
Jesus taught none of the usual present-day beliefs and ideas relative to one’s identity. Thus the great need today that his teaching be correctly interpreted, taught and understood. Only then shall spiritual practice be built upon Reality and Truth. The premise of Christ Jesus is—I myself am the Truth! I and the Father are one!
Dearly beloved, God and man can never be one. So be released from all such grossly mistaken teaching and belief. When Jesus claimed oneness, he was not speaking from the basis of man, but of the “I,” or perfect Self. Never can one’s burning desire to realize his oneness with the Infinite be granted until he ceases to consider himself man. Of course “I” and the “Father’ are one; but this “I” is not man. Seest thou this? Ever I Am I.
“Whom say ye that “I” am?” I am the Light; I am the Truth; I am He; I am I, and not man.
The present day teaching that we are man, the image and likeness of God, is based wholly upon the Old Testament. The Gospel of Jesus Christ completely transcends and cancels it.
Yet how strange that today the world is still asleep, entirely overlooking and disregarding the vital import of Jesus’ Message, revealing our Identity to be the very same as his own.
To be ready to let go ignorance and darkness admits one to Understanding and Light; and to be willing to feast wholly upon the Genuine and Real releases one from the superimposed and unreal. Then, and then only, has one the right to think and declare, I and the Father are One! I am God, and not man!
Feeding upon this living Bread from heaven, Yourself will be Reality to you, and you will see and believe…. You will hear and understand….you will know and live. And it will be as though you walked up and down over the face of the whole earth, saying, I am Come! I am here!—the living Truth!
The End

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