Living Waters

Living Waters
by Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942
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When one says—I am the Truth, he should be ready to accept the sacredness of this statement…and willing to fulfill the requirements thereof.
As a mere mental declaration of fact, this statement will yield little or no dividends. Indeed, one will find it wisdom not to be a mouthpiece for ME unless he is prepared to live and act in harmony with Me. Let each one who reads this decide within himself just how ready and willing he is to Leave All And Follow Me.
Is it not mockery for one to repat the words, and claim the right of the Self, while still unwilling to fulfill the requirements thereof? Verily, verily, one’s realization of Reality and Being should come from the depths of the heart, and never be used as mere mental remedy or relief.
How easy for one say that he has put his mind upon a thing; whereas the Spiritual requisite is that everything be done from the heart. To be of any genuine value, spiritual understanding must have its roots deep in the heart: for the heart is the center from which all inspiration springs.
For stance, unless a book is written from the heart, it has no spiritual foundation nor appeal; thus gives no lasting benefit to anyone. Whereas, written from the heart, it blesses everyone ready to receive it. Ever, heart speaks to heart.
What must be surrendered? Deception, sleep, ignorance, dream. How shall one make such surrender? First of all, give the heart over to obtaining Knowledge and Light. Let love and desire for Enlightment and Truth be supreme in one’s affections and aims.
For stance, how futile any attempt to control one’s thoughts otherwise. Never can anyone successfully fight them, resist them, overcome them, push them away, nor run from them. And why is this? Because by any of these efforts he ignorantly places reality and power in a mind which has no existence at all.
Why does wrong thinking or discordant feeling sometimes continue in spite of one’s earnest spiritual realization? One must know that such does not exist at all in the God-Self. Such thinking and feeling persists only because the complete identification has not yet been fully made and sustained.
In the interval, or until one functions more fully from the state of awareness, let him learn that discord of any and every kind is self-deception; therefore his release is not at all in the control of wrong thoughts or discordant conditions, as it seems, for these inhere in the deception. He himself must be set right. He must be undeceived, and have his eyes opened to the facts.
There is no alternative. Thus it was that Jesus aptly and plainly stated, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
One’s only true escape and deliverance from distress, discord, sorrow or limitation of any kind, is to seek Enlightment, Knowledge, Truth. It is then he comes face to face with himself as he really is. Enlightened and awakened, he sees things in their true light; deception and ignorance vanish, and the thoughts therein and thereof are blotted out…Then harmony reigns here and now, and always.

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