“If I Be Lifted Up”

“ If I Be Lifted Up”
By Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942

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Believe no longer, I must overcome; I must demonstrate; I must pray. Identify yourself with Me, and believe, I am Perfect; I am Free; I am Divine.
“I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto Me.”—John 12:32.
Do you yearn for Me? Do you look and search for me? The place whereon thou standest is where I Am. Say not, I am thinking, working, laboring to become. Say, I AM; It is I!
Lift up the “I” as the First, and the Last. “I” am the Light and the Effulgence. “I” am the Promise and the Fulfillment. Ever “I” am yours, and ever you are Mine. Ever you are “I”, and ever I am ALL.
I-I decree, and it come to pass. I-I will extend peace like a river, and glory like a flowing stream. I-I have not gone nor have I come. Ever I Am without beginning or end.
“I am the Lord, that is My name, and My glory will I not give to another.” As in light there is and can be no darkness whatsoever, so in Me there is and can be nothing physical, nothing human, nothing mortal nor persishable whatsoever.
If I be lifted up from the earth, the Red sea vanishes, and dry land takes its place. Neither can any Jericho walls withstand Me. Nor can age, war, limitation or death associate with Me.
I give you health. I dry your tears. I fill your purse. I give you peace. Whom have you in heaven but Me? And there is none upon earth to be desired but Me. Your flesh and your heart faileth, but I Am the strength of your heart, and your portion forever.
The fact is—“I” and your-Self are identical. There is no difference between Me, your-Self and the Truth.
Are you reading and talking about the one divine Self, yet associating with another self to be spiritualized or redeemed? Answer thou Me. How can you hope to ever reconcile such incredulous contradiction and inconsistency?
To the extent that you cease to falsely identify yourself with another, you will find yourself to be I alone.
I, blessed, majestic Self! I, mighty, glorious Self! I, all satisfying, revealing Self! I, all-perfect, free Self!
There is no Teacher, Revelator, Light, but I, I, I. There is One King of kings, One Lord of lords. This is I, I, I.
Greater than the force of all human thoughts and words, mightier than the control of all powers, occult or mental, is My Supremacy and Omnipotence…one’s very Own.
Attainment is not to be attained. Attainment is I. Perfection is not to be earned nor achieved. Perfection is I. Purification is not to be developed. Purity is I.
Therefore, dear One, an you see how foolish for anyone to believe that the surrender of his personal impurities or imperfections of mind, body or affairs, shall enable him to achieve the harmony and purity of Being? Never will any form of sacrifice, prayer, treatment or device deliver the purity, goodness and wholeness which on so constantly craves.
Why is this so? Such craving is the result of the age-long mystification, the mistaken conviction that one is man, and not I. Only enlightenment and true identification can free from such dark pools of ignorance.
Only ”I” satisfy. Only “I” fulfill. Only “I” am the Great Answer.
Listen! Deliverance to Purity, Goodness and Wholeness cannot be accomplished by way of mental attainment, acquisition or achievement of any kind. Neither shall any powerful emotions, renunciations nor silences be sufficient to bring forth or to pass that which has been established, and is finished forever and for eternity.
Lift up the “I.” Seek Me no longer amongst dead practices, outgrown teaching, ritualistic religious ceremonies. You can find Me only as I Am!
I Am the Unconditioned… I Am the Unlimited Absolute… I Am one’s very Own.

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