The Indivisible One

The Indivisible One
by Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942
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There is no difference between Oneself and I Am. Everyone must at length fall back upon Himself as his genuine and complete Reality.
To abide in the Light, one must love his perfect Selfhood above all else. Above Mind, above thought and body. Above Consciousness, Principle, Truth. Above Spirit, Life. One must love the Self above all, because the Self is First and Last.
Even to dwell upon Truth, for instance, is not to love the Self above all: for one’s thought and attention are being placed upon Truth. And if one talks about divine Mind, even though he is sincere, ardent and zealous, still something is lacking, his word is not complete.
Why is this so? Because there is no Truth separate from the Self. Thus, to consider Truth to be a subject in and of itself is to be mistaken, not knowing that Truth is one’s very Own; and Oneself is the very Truth.
Moreover, to talk about divine Mind, Life, Consciousness, and so on, as though each were complete in itself, is to see in part, but not the whole. Therefore complete satisfaction, complete peace are lacking…and dimmed.
Over and above all, yet including Mind, Spirit, Truth and Principle, remains the Infinite Selfhood, which cannot be separated into categories—one Mind, another Principle, another Truth and so on. Here is one’s complete Reality, intact and at hand…. THE INDIVISIBLE ONE AND ALL
The individuality which is of man shall be lost. But the individuality which is of the Self shall be preserved forever. Whether Moses, Jesus, you or any one else says, I am the Truth, only the “I” says it; only the “I” knows, I Am All.
I Am here as Moses; I Am here as Jesus; I Am here as Mary, John, and so on, infinitely: for I Am the infinite indivisible One.
To the extent that one ceases to identify himself with man, mind and body, does he perceive and understand Infinite Selfhood to be universally One, and individually ALL.

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