There Is No Other

There Is No Other
by Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942

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Who is Mary? Who is John? Who is James? Who is Martha? Verily, I Am all; all is I. Perfection is all! All is Perfection. The One Selfhood is all; all is the One Selfhood.
Is there any beside Me? Yea, I know not any. There is no other. There is none else.
Therefore, any ignorant Mary, any sick John, and sinful James, any limited Martha, is not present.
Thou shalt consider none but Me. Thou shalt believe in no other. Thou shalt be concerned with no other.
Who is there to be seen besides Me? Let each who reads this, answer for himself. Remember—“What thou seest, that thou be-est.”
For instance, if one believes that he sees some one in ignorance, sickness, sin or limitation, who then needs the help—the ”other” or one-self? Oneself. So far as anyone is concerned with a problem, he need consider only his own Consciousness.
If there is but one Selfhood, perfect and complete, let one ask himself, Who then is sick? Who then is ignorant? Who then is sinful or in limitation? And what must the answer be? No one in God’s perfect Selfhood.
After all, is it not far simpler and much easier to make any necessary corrections in oneself rather than in another? How shall one proceed? First—Take all attention from the form or entity named John or Mary. Next—Enter into communication with your-Self.
Ask your-Self questions and your-Self will answer them. For instance—Just what should I be seeing? The Answer will be—Is there anything or anyone to see but the Real and the True? Then you may say, But what about John or Mary? And the Self will answer—I Am all there is of John. I Am all there is of Mary. There is none but Me.
Ever, one’s concern is only with himself—that he function solely as the One, and no other.
The Self is never in ignorance. Never sick. Never sinful. Never in limitation, danger or trouble of any kind. To you, to anyone, there must bo no other self, no other name, form or entity, such as a human or personal.
According to the First commandment, One-self must be his complete Reality—“Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.” Furthermore, according to the Second commandment, one must see his neighbor to be the selfsame One—“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”
He shall then think the truth about him—Thou art the Self, the one and only Selfhood. Thou art not man, ignorant, sick, sinful or in lack. There is none but the infinite, indivisible One. Thou art That.
I Am the One whom another seeks when he looks to you. I Am the One whom you seek when you look to another. I Am the I of Moses, the I of Jesus, the I of all true Being. “Before Abraham was—I AM.”
O perfect Self! O majestic, all-glorious Self! O adorable, ever dependable Self! I and the Self are one…ever and always—One.

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