The Supremacy Of The Self

The Supremacy Of The Self
By Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942

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Verily the glory of the Self is experienced in its Supremacy: since the glory of being the Truth is not only in speaking the Words of Truth, but in expressing the power and supremacy thereof.
The Supremacy of the Self is not only to be known and accepted, but also to be enacted and expressed. I, the Lord, do all these things. My Being is my Supremacy; and my Supremacy is my Being. My Being is my Completeness and Fulfillment; and my Completeness and Fulfillment is my Being.
Supremacy is in Me, and in Me alone. Who am I? Who is Me? You, where you stand, without one plea, without dependence upon personalities, thoughts, words or things. If you are at all, you are the eternal I, the Supreme Me, the perfect and divine Self.
Let your supremacy reign. Be supreme! Reign supreme. Praise your wonderful, all-triumphant, all-victorious and majestic Self. Glorify your wondrous Being. Your precious, everlasting Life. Your radiant, irresistible Light. Your mighty and supreme Wisdom, Intelligence and Power. Glorify and praise your pure, luminous Understanding, and its Supremacy thereof.
I, the Self, am the finished Kingdom, the seamless Robe, the One. I Am the Priceless Glory, the great Answer, the Sufficient Guide. I, the Self, am “God” who is “ALL.”
I Am the Word made Flesh. I Am the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the valley, the bright and morning Star. Where I am, there ye may be also. What I Am, ye are also.
Changing thoughts or regenerating humans shall never be sufficient to open blind eyes and deaf ears to perceive and hear the liberating ultimation that nothing one can do in a false position will ever reinstate him in the Real and True.
Nothing can or ever will cause illusion to vanish except to function in one’s true an absolute state! Here he has no consciousness of incompleteness. He is Light. He is Power. He knows THE SUPREMACY OF THE SELF

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