True Identification

True Identification
By Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942
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Identified with man, instead of with Me, one’s only Selfhood, unwittingly one is identified with personality, mentality, humanity, mortality. With birth, age, sin, limitation, death. With fabrication, fable, fraud.
“I am the Lord; that is My name and my glory will I not give to another.”—Isaiah 42:8.
The name of the Self is I Am That I Am! The name of the Self is Truth! Life! I-Am-I!
Never finding sufficiency nor anything that is permanent or perfect in man, but, instead, continually finding ignorance, fear, limitation and every sort of trouble, one prays for help to an “unknown God,” a supposed Being somewhere outside of him… or else somewhere within him.
Verily until one extricates himself from the tangled web of fabulousness, and comes to himself—comes to know the Answer to the age-long question, “Who am I?”—never can he experience the wholeness, purity, freedom, harmony and bliss which he seeks.
Truly one’s only release from the belief in material existence is to turn to Truth Itself, and from all that is contrary to it.
Therefore, begin now! Stop identifying the “I” with man: for he is not I, the Self, at all. Seek no longer to save, heal or redeem him! For so long as one in any way identifies himself with man, instead of with Me, the Life, Truth and Way, he is destined to limitation and incompleteness.
None is good, save one, that is, God. None, as man, can ever be Perfect, Whole or Complete. Seest thou this?
The secrets of secrets, the pearl of great price is this True Identification…Whom say ye that “I” am—God or man?
“Is there a God besides Me? Yea, there is no God; I know not any.” Is there a life, a mind, a being that is not I, but another? Is there a life that is not My life? A Mind that is not My mind? A being that is not I, but man?
Reader, are you identifying the “I” with man, image, idea? Are you identifying yourself with mentality, metaphysical student, reflection, thought?
Cease to identify yourself as anyone but the perfect absolute Selfhood! There is no I-man: there is only I-Self.
There is no I-imperfection: there is only I-Perfection. There is no I-image, I-idea, I-reflection. NONE WHATSOEVER.
Identified with I-Life-Truth, effortlessly, and in the twinkling of the eye, one may see himself to be That which he really is, and function as “I,” and not Mind, and not idea; as Being, and not student.
The Self is never man: the Self is ever I. Truth is never man: Truth is ever I. I Am never man: I Am ever I.
Man is the name given to appearances which I am not; nor could be. Therefore all attempts to purify or regenerate him will never satisfy, never free, never fulfill one’s burning desire to be the Perfect, the Real and the True.
Listen! There is but One God, One Self, One I; One Life, One Being. Therefore, for anyone to believe that he is another—such as image, idea, expression, man—is for him to be self-deceived…and thus at the mercy of his own misconception.
To illustrate. Every time one seeks to change or spiritualize his thinking, he is unwittingly identifying himself with a personal mind.
Furthermore, every time one attempts to heal his body of discord or disease through some kind of thought or prayer, he is ignorantly identifying himself with perishable flesh.
So long as one ignorantly assumes the “I” to be where it is not, never can he find himself as I Am…never can he find Wholeness, Immortality, Peace.
Therefore, I Am come! I Am here! Hear ye Me!

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