Totality Of The Self

Totality Of The Self
By Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942

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Truth is not another being with whom you are to seek union, oneness or at-one-ment. Seest thou this? True instruction has but one Answer—I Am the Truth! I Am Me!
As an image, what can you do or be? As a reflection, what can you think or say? As a student, when shall you ever arrive? As a teacher, when shall you ever know? As a follower, when shall you ever become? Verily, the blind lead the blind; both to fall into the ditch which they make.
Thou shalt have no other gods before Me! No other instruction. No other leader nor teacher. No other way. I alone am the Truth. I alone am the Way. Worship nothing and no one but Me, the one and only Me.
All the while one seeks for Reality, Heaven, Peace, all the while he labors to become healthy, wealthy, wise, he is the Perfect right where he stands…yet knows it not. He needs to lose ignorance, darkness and deception. Then he wakens as from a dream, to exclaim, “There is no road nor path to Perfection. The Self is here and now; and alone.
The only paradox is ignorance. Believing himself to be another, not the one he really is, one sets out an endless journey to find himself. Of course, on his journey he is never farther away nor nearer. At any moment on his travels he can say, “I need go no further; I am here.”
Quest and search have no end until he who seeks finds the One whom he is seeking to be his own Reality, his very own Self.
Where is the master? Where is the student? Where is the teacher? Where is the disciple? Verily, they are no part of Me, the Self. They all pertain to man.
Is the “I” located in India? Is the “I” embraced by some particular church, organization or doctrine? Where is the “I” found? The “I” is found only in “I.”
Some may say, “I am not yet the “I.” I will be when I realize it…I will be when I make union with Christ; or demonstrate over my problems.”
The Voice of Eternity reverberates—“I never knew you.” With or without any proof; with or without any demonstration; with or without any overcoming—I AM THAT I AM.
No seeking nor searching in the wilderness of man will ever be enough to find me. No personal surrender or renunciation will ever be enough. No personal demonstrating or tarrying will ever be enough. No personal spiritualization or regeneration will ever be enough.
Lo, there is not enough of all the devices under the sun, nor enough of all the inventions of the human thought, to satisfy the craving for enoughness, except—I Am I.
Therefore, think it not sufficient to be at-one with Me, nor value at-one-ment as your goal. There are not two of us. There is but ONE I or US; One Selfhood. This is TOTALITY…ALL
I Am the reality of the one called “Mary.” I Am the reality of the one called “John.” I Am here. I Am there. I Am everywhere the same. I Am the Infinite and Universal. I Am Totality…I Am All.

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