Lesson 2-Truth Marches On

Truth Marches On
Lesson No.2 December 30, 1943
by Lillian De Waters
In The Light

TODAY, MANY ARE BUSY with the changing of thoughts. The practice of thought-changing will never truly satisfy anyone. For a while this idea flourished, but inevitable the time comes when no amount of personal thinking will bring health, harmony or success. It will prove unavailing.
The need is for a new Light which reveals to one that no mind stands back of discordant pictures, that the One Mind is without a second.
One keeps no record of the time he spends in the glory of this new Enlightenment—that there is no second mind—but when he comes to view himself again, his whole vision and outlook will have cleared. He is free. He has penetrated into Reality and has discovered that all belief and teaching in a human or personal mind is wrong; and that there is no Truth in it.
Through Revelation he knows for a certainty that God is One and His Mind is One; and that there can be no other mind sending out wrong thoughts and pictures.
A mind called the human mind, said to be responsible for all wrong thinking, as well as for discordant pictures in the world, does not exist, either in Truth or in falsity, in Reality or unreality. Discovering through Insight and Illumination that there is no mind from which delusions and illusions can come, since God-Mind is the only Mind there is, one is in the place of absolute peace and harmony. Wrong thoughts and pictures are unknown. To repeat:
Spend no time in discussing illusion, fear or wrong thinking. Could the sun send forth darkness as well as light or could there be another sun which produces darkness? Obviously, No. Even so, there can be no mind or minds in opposition or contradistinction to the one infinite Mind of God. Belief in a universal mortal mind as well as belief in multitudinous single human minds must be exploded.
No responsibility rests upon you to remove falsity or to attain right thinking and right results. You possess now and always the Mind of God, which knows eternal Perfection and Completeness to be in everyone that has existence. Abide in this effulgent glory, and rest in the sweet and precious understanding that your efforts to deal with thoughts are now over.
Be concerned only that you are seeing and accepting Truth as Absolute. Here you are in the Light. You see and think with the divine Mind, you know Consciousness and Body to be one, and to be perfect and spiritual always.
One may have declared many times that there is one Mind only, while at the same believing in the teaching of other human minds. Since one Mind alone exists, then this Mind is the only Consciousness. Why then should one attempt to make corrections in his thinking? Is there any need for correction in the one Consciousness? Certainly not.
The practice, therefore, to watch or correct one’s thinking instills and perpetuates the belief that he has a mind of his own.
That which stands between one and his full acceptance of the One Mind as his only Mind is the basic erring religious belief in the multiplicity of personalities, each with mind, thought and will of his own. Not until one understands through Spirit the present fact and absoluteness of the one divine Mind as the Mind of all, will he be able to accept the Absolute Truth which abolishes the belief in personal minds, beings and bodies.
“If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” (John 5:31) As a personal thinker one can accomplish nothing. The One Being is present now as each of us. The One is ever operating as an indivisible Whole. What mind is it that believes in incompleteness, discord and suffering? No mind at all. To see this as the inflexible fact of Being is to be and see as the divine Mind Itself.
It is imperative that we surrender the belief in humanity or humanhood, and accept God to be the only Selfhood. Then we know humanhood to have no existence at all; that there is neither personality nor matter in the All-Spirit.
If the surrender of a personal sense of self must be accomplished, who is to do so? Who is it that is required to give up the false belief in personality or individual mind, and just how is it to be done? This may seem a hard question to answer, for of course the divine Mind does not make any surrender; nor is there another mind to do so. Though surrender is necessary, of himself one cannot accomplish it; in fact, the more effort one makes in this direction, regardless how sincere, the more he will need to carry on the effort, for it will have no end.
Suppose that you are required to remove darkness from a room; you cannot do so by giving darkness your attention; your need is light. As you bring a light into the room your desire to remove darkness has been fulfilled. In the same way, the necessity to be released from a sense of a separate self cannot take place while you are laboring with the darkened belief that a human self exists, but only as you turn your attention wholly to God as your Life and Being, identifying yourself as this One.
Accepting the divine Self and Mind as your very own Self and Mind, understanding that you have never been identified with any other, the sense of a personal human self will be blotted out; swallowed up in true Identification.
Understanding and Identification go hand in hand. The Self is Absolute, Real and Present. Nothing else is present. As we identify ourselves with this One Selfhood, and no other, abiding in pure Being, the sense of personality is obliterated. That which alone is, remains resplendent.
Steadfast abidance in the Self will surely deliver to us that Understanding which we crave. There was never a time when perfect Being was unknown, unrealized or unillumined. Never identify yourself with an individual mind, wrong thinking or a physical body. Labor not with your thoughts. Love your Real Self, and identify yourself with this Self only.
The sense of duality, that is, the belief that Life is spiritual but body is material, is swallowed up in the perception of the factuality that Spirit includes both Life and Body as One.
Body is not under the control of person, mind or thing. The belief that a single body is controlled by a single mind, as well as the teaching that body can be affected by other minds, must be utterly renounced and cancelled.
God, the one and only Being, Awareness and Manifestation, is all there is in heaven above, in the earth beneath, and in the water under the earth. Freedom, harmony, peace and blessedness are Omnipresent, Universal—active, permanent, undefiled and undefilable.
From first to last the Body of Mind is wholly Mind or Consciousness; not matter or corporeality. A human or personal mind and its thinking are wholly without truth or reality; likewise a human, material or personal body. Body is in Mind as the true concept of Itself as IS-ness and ALL-ness. Body is One and Universal.
Spend no time in trying to heal a physical body spiritually. Body is not physical. Body is spiritual Consciousness. The perfect idea of Body is omnipresent in Mind. In the spiritual Body there is no element of discord or imperfection. It is the Self Itself.
Understanding, Light, Harmony, and Perfection are not in “Mary” or “John” as separate minds or persons; but ever in God as all there is of Mary and John. God is our Perfection—eternally.
‘You must be perfect as heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mat. 5:48—Moffatt)
The One Selfhood or Consciousness is maintaining our Wholeness and Perfection this very instant, keeping it faultless, calm and unchanging; supplying Revelation always. Give up all responsibility to think anything as a personal thinker. Know that divine Mind knows Itself to be the only Mind: and that there can be no other.

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