The One All

The One All
by Lillian De Waters-Who Am I-1942

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There is but One God; One Life; One Being; One I Am. There is but One Body, One World, One Experience. The One is the Real, the Perfect and the Eternal.
There cannot be I=Reality and I-unreality; I-Perfection and I-imperfection; I-Life immortal, and I-life material.
Truly, the I-Reality, I-Perfection, I-All, is the Only I that I Am.
Dear One, ask yourself—“Do I consider myself this “I” or not? From morning till night one says I, I, I. with what I is he identifying? With I-Wholeness-Harmony or I-sickness and limitation? With I-Creator or I-creation? With I-Divine-Consciousness or I-mentality?
Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou shalt not identify thyself falsely, or with the entity man. Thou shalt not believe thou art other than I, the one and only Selfhood.
Since there is but One “I,” One Life or Being, then for you to be at all, you must be this, and none else. Thou shalt not assume thou art another besides Me. Thou shalt not seek for Me, for I am your very Reality, and only Self.
Nor shalt thou attempt to become like Me, for I am the Only—thou canst not be another.
He who fails to understand his real Selfhood, falsely creates unto himself another being, another mind, another body called man. Then, here in this darkened place, he attempts to heal his body of flesh, and redeem his mind of wrong thinking. Continually he labors to bring about in his world the lasting peace, love and harmony which belongs to him only in his true estate and real Being.
Never can anyone by taking thought put on qualities and virtunes which I Am. Who is sick, who is poor, who is at war? Not I, the true and perfect Selfhood. Therefore, all imperfections, frailties and in completeness pertain to man who is not.
As another besides Me, it is absolutely impossible to have pure and true thoughts; to be perfect or complete. Seest thou this?
Ever I call—“Put away all false identification, and take My name upon you: for truly I am your only Reality. Look unto Me as unto your-Self; and look unto your-Self as unto Me.”
Inevitable, then, you will lose the false consciousness of us as ‘two,’ and find your true Identity to be ‘Me,’ even as the divine Self who says, ‘He that hath seen Me, hath seen the Father.” The Father is the one and only Selfhood of all. Thus, I and the perfect Selfhood (Father) are one.
Stop thinking and believing that you are anyone but Me, for I am the only Real of you…All else that you see is not true, and appears only because you are not thinking and seeing as “I,” but as another. Renunciation of the false assumptive self is your only true surrender.
My name, My power, My glory, My perfection, My selfhood shall I not give to another called follower, student, image, reflection, man! Therefore be I, and none else. Outside of Me you cannot be. The world of time and sense shall vanish…there shall be none but Me, the one Reality, the one Entire.
Self-revelation is one’s highest goal. When he discovers that the perfect Self is the only Real, then his search for the truth of Being comes to an end. After this, it is not a matter of search but of expansion.
The Self is our Way, the Self is our Kingdom of expansion. Self-revelation is our greatest and most precious joy. It can be constant too, since it is natural and innate.
The one obstacle in anyone’s way is false identification. Believing one has a separate mind, for instance, leads to another false assumption, that this mind needs to be redeemed, corrected, spiritualized or improved.
To this end one labors with thoughts and ideas continually, ever battling with depression, heart-ache and disappointment; since all the thoughts he aims to acquire never prove adequate nor enough.
Knowing nothing greater than right thoughts to be desired, however, one persists in affirmations and declaration about the Truth. Happy indeed could the moment be if he would but accept defeat, insufficiency, failure, for then, in this place of total negation—man’s extremity—Self-Revelation would take place, and he would report the experience of a miracle.
But alas! Few come into this necessary place of surrender and denial. Most often, apparent defeat or failure but spurs one on to use even more powerful statements; and he endeavors even more determinately to succeed in the surmounting or overcoming of the hard places in his experience.
All effort is bondage! The basic error is the erroneous teaching that one is ideas, expression, man, instead of operating in the Christ-Consciousness, which gives no such instruction whatsoever.
One’s full power and supremacy lie within his own Selfhood, eternally established, intact and at hand. Thus, inevitably, the mind, body and entity called man are to be lost sight of altogether, for they are altogether untrue and unreal. In Self-revelation they are non-existent.
“He shall fly away as a dream, and shall not be found: yea, he shall be chased away as a vision of the night.”…”Thou carest for no man.”… “Every man walketh in a vain show.” When the ignorance whereby the false identification is made, disappears, only the Self is.

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