Stir Up Thyself

Stir Up Thyself
by Lillian De Waters 1942

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When one identifies himself falsely, it is as though he placed a veil or mist over Reality. This veil or mist can be penetrated and removed only by following the Christ who unfalteringly declares, I am the Truth…I am the Way…I am I.
“Stir up thyself, and awake!”—Psalms 35:23.
Accept the stirring up if you need it. Mental sleep, darkness, ignorance, all these must and shall go, to the extent that one ceases to identify himself with anything or anyone but Reality, the indivisible, perfect Whole.
“Now that which decayeth and waxed old is ready to vanish away.”—Hebrews 8:13. The questions for each to hear and answer are these,–Am I ready to let it be done? Can I take it? Will I turn from all teaching but that which agrees with Christ, Reality, Truth, which instructs—“Keep my sayings…Follow Me.” Whole-heartly, determinately say and know—I am the Light of the World…I am the Self-Revelation…It is I.
Verily Jesus rent the veil of the temple in twain as he identified with the High and Mighty one from Eternity. No power nor might of man could withstand him…for he saw and knew there was no difference between himself and God; between himself and I Am That I Am.
The knowledge and language of the “I” is the new tongue. Dear One, Will you take it? Behold, “I” give power unto the faint…”I” make a way in the wilderness…”I” have a way no man knoweth…”I” will set you up on high…”I” will wipe away all tears; all fears; all obstacles and obstructions. Who is so great a God as our own Selfhood?
Therefore, I look, and I behold! I take, and I receive! I come, and I believe! I stir up myself, and shout from the top of the mountain!
It is I, be not afraid. It is I, be ye perfect. It is I, come unto Me. Attend unto My words. Be Me, and none other.
I Am the Christ, the Saviour and Redeemer. I Am the Light, the Way, the Instruction. I Am Self-revealing, Self-effulgent, Self-contained…The All-Sufficing One, and Only.
Every good and perfect thing is of Me. Supremacy, Omnipotence, Sovereignty, all are Mine. I am the “I” which is Consciousness. I am the “I” which is Principle. I am the “I” which is Spirit, Life, Truth, All.
Man is not a shadow of Reality: for Reality is all, and has no shadow whatsoever. Man is an illusive, false state wherein one says, I am sick; I am poor, I am miserable; I am in limitation and bondage; I am in need of purification, regeneration, light and resurrection.
Jesus, the Christ, transcended the light received by Moses who believed and taught that we are man, the image of God. Jesus knew his and our identity to be GOD, and not man. Ever he proclaimed—“I am from above…I and my Father are one…Follow Me…Keep my sayings.”
Verily, this crystal light discloses what it means to be “born of God”—“Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin: he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” In the transitional state, or until one clearly beholds himself as I Am, he may pass through many steps from glory to glory. Finally, all steps in realization must and shall be swallowed up in the crystal Light, I Am He…I And The Self Are One.
The true Self is not made up of resurrections or regenerations. Nor can anyone arrive at his true Self in any such way, since Truth is not the result of any kind of words, thoughts or actions. Truth cannot be earned, achieved, bought or won.
No journey can take us to that Place where you wish to go; no book; no church; no person; no exercise; no thing. It is imperative that you see this to be so.
How can you obtain that which you Already have? How can you be anyone but the Only One there is? For this reason, Jesus declared, “I am the Way.” Oneself is the Way. The way is in and of Oneself.
Stir up thyself, and awake!

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