Be Still And Know

Be Still And Know
By Lillian De Waters 1942

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Lay aside longings, yearnings, struggles and strife. Search no longer. I Am here. I Am the only perfect Answer to your quest. Be still, and know that “I” am God.
I Am not one, and you another. Be still! Leave all for Me…your own perfect Self and Being. Let go all hindrances and obstacles…all other instruction and teaching.
It is I, your-Self who answer your prayers. I, your-Self, am your Deliverer, your Saviour, your Source of every good. Who is so close to you as I, your-Self? Who loves you as I, your-Self. Who guides and takes care of you as I, your-Self?
To Me, there is no past to be remembered; no sins to be blotted out; no dark places to be exposed and surrendered. I, the Supreme and Eternal, see nothing but Myself, and My own radiant glory.
Who convinceth Me of sin? Yea, the darkness hideth not from Me, but the night shineth as the day. The darkness and the light are both alike to Me—light is all I see.
Look away from personalities; look away from physical or mental remedies; ways and means. Why beg or plead? Why make use of vain repetitions or emotional exercises?
For instance, stop searching or looking for health. Health is never to be found this way. Health is not afar off, nor can it actually be found anywhere except where it is. Health is not the result of any prayer or treatment; nor indeed of any mental action whatsoever. I Am your health. I Am your wholeness, without variableness, neither shadow of turning.
To assume health to be in any way connected or associated with mind, thought or body, is the fatal error of the ages. Indeed, this false assumption consumes time, effort and constant study, only to finally end in failure and defeat.
Only when concern with this trio fades entirely out of consciousness shall the Self remain supreme in all its Beauty, Splendor, Loveliness, Harmony and Immortality.
Be still and know that I am God. Release yourself from all concern. Take ye no thought. Be absent from the body. Have no thought what you shall think, eat or do to obtain healing for your body.
How wonderful and supernal the Self, not thinking in terms of mind, thought or body! As portrayed in Genesis, even Adam was innocent of sin until he thought of his body.
Be still and listen to this: Even to practice honesty, purity, loving kindness, in fact, goodness of any kind, is not the highest practice, nor the perfect Way. Why is this? Because such practice pertains to man. Always man shall be inadequate, imperfect, incomplete. Regardless how he struggles and strives to make himself perfect , never can it be accomplished.
What has a human mind to do with the Truth? What have all efforts to change or heal the body to do with the Truth? Hear ye this—The Truth is what you ARE, and not what you are striving to make yourself!
All desirable and perfect qualities are native to the Self. Yet these shall never be experienced in their glory until one identifies himself with the Self, and no other. Any effort to get rid of a mortal mind will never solve the problem of being. Disassociating oneself from the age-long belief that he is another, and not the God-Self, will prove the divine solution…the, Supreme Reality.
You may have heard the advice to “still the human mind.” I say unto you, never can the human mind be stilled. The human mind is a fabrication, seeming only because one fails to identify himself with Himself.
The so-called human mind cannot be stilled either in a human or in a spiritual way; and every effort made in this direction will continue to prove futile, so long as one believes it to be an entity to be controlled, manipulated, stilled or dominated in any fashion. The instant one associates with it, he believes in it, thereby giving power to that which has no existence at all.
Should one, then, ignore it or seek to transcend it? Emphatically, No. Any such endeavor but perpetuates self-deception, holding one that much longer in ignorance and bondage.
The one way to still the human mind is the Self-Way, that is, to know there is no such thing as a human mind to be stilled, to be conquered, or to be overthrown. Any belief in such entity subjects one to confusion and argument so long as the self-deception lasts.
Give up the lie that you are another, not the One! Give up the deception that you are man, not God! Detach yourself altogether from such belief!
Be Still And Know—I Am God—And Not Man.

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